Post Call 9

Class 9


Well, I switched up the schedule a little bit this week.. Rather then angels we did one more class in the creepy stuff and talked about SHADOW SPIRITS. I always rather liked that topic, so I thought it was fun.


My take on this subject it that it is better to know what is out there and develop street smarts, especially as an advanced practitioner. The more you do this work, the more likely you are to encounter one of these. And the more you know about what to do, the less likely you are to freak out and be afraid.


Forewarned is forearmed.


I broke it down into two types of shadow spirits. Attachments and Entities. Attachments are things that healers sometimes encounter, they are rather yucky spirits that attach themselves to people. Entities are not stuck on you, but still lurk about and you might encounter them if you do something like house clearings or ghost hunting.


It was interesting! And not too spooky.


So next class we will be going back to our regularly scheduled program of ANGELS and the Upper Realm.  We will also be talking about other higher level guides and what the Upper Realm is all about. Back into the light!


Here is the protection ritual that we covered today.


Lesser Banishing Ritual


Stand in the center of the room and face east if you know where it is. Raise your arm out straight and draw a cross (or pentagram) with a circle around it. Invoke the name of a guide or an archangel to stand there. Imagine the symbol you are using being written in the air in blue flame.


Turn a quarter turn and repeat with each direction.   Do one for the ground and the sky.


I ask these beings to stand in this configuration when I do it, but that is very reflective of me. You can ask whatever beings, deities or guides float your boat.




Raphael- West

Uriel- North





Then cross yourself  and say “For thine is the power and the kingdom and the glory. Amen.”


And finish with your hands in the prayer position at your heart. This “sets” the ritual.  It will stay there with you until you do n backwards to release it.


As you are doing this, feel that a solid blue bubble is around you.