Reiki Mastery- Advanced Training for Reiki Masters

So you are a Reiki Master. That’s awesome!  Chances are good that you need and want continued training in your Reiki practice.  There is still so much to learn and your Reiki practice will continue to deepen and grow if you keep practicing and learning.

In my REIKI MASTERY program we are going to dive deep into what you still might need to learn or where you need a refresher. This program contains live elements for my local people and webinar elements so that you can participate no matter where you are.


Chances are good that even though you are a Reiki Master, you need to:

  • Review hand positions and practice, practice, practice
  • Go over the attunements again
  • Learn energy management techniques so you can work without burning out
  • Be confident in how to set boundaries and manage tricky clients
  • Expand your ability to perceive energy and increase your psychic ability
  • Learn how to handle a client’s trauma when it comes up in a session
  • Deal with real life challenges like clients with major illnesses, mental health diagnoses etc.



These six weeks will give you all of that and so much more!


Who teaches the teachers?  Who trains the Masters? I do. I have been teaching Reiki for over 18 years now and have recently decided to focus on teachers Reiki Masters and Teachers exclusively.  All of this is in step with my book that is coming out in 2018 called “Psychic Reiki.” It’s time to focus on being the Master’s Master and it’s so exciting!    I know that my life purpose is to train Reiki healers, psychics and empaths so that YOU can step fully into your life purpose as a healer and save the world, since the world needs all the healers it can get. Teaching Reiki is a passion for me, and nothing is more exciting that teaching at this advanced level.



I know by the end of the class you are going to feel:


  • More connected to your intuition and your Reiki guides.
  • Confident about handling whatever difficult things come up for your clients in a session.
  • Proud of your boundaries and secure in your ability to work without burning out.
  • Delighted to perceive energy knowing how to move it.
  • Assured that you can accurately decide what kind of treatment your clients needs in every session.
  • Excited about truly claiming your status as a Reiki Master!


This program contains two elements to it:


Six LIVE hands-on Reiki practice sessions and Six Webinar sessions. (Webinar sessions will be recorded so you can watch/listen anytime…)

You can take both sessions together or either one separately.  Here is how they break down.

Six weeks of LIVE classes meet every Tuesday evening beginning October 24th from 7-9pm.

The webinar sessions will be every Thursday beginning October 26th from 6-7pm.

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You can expect the following in the LIVE classes:


LIVE Class One – Reiki Diagnostics – Learning Where To Work

In this class we will cover how to do easy diagnostics. One of the biggest questions that I hear from Reiki Masters is “How do I know what to do?”


  • Using a pendulum and muscles testing
  • Asking the client and how to do a proper intake
  • Other client assessment skills including an intake form and a visual and intuitive intake.



LIVE Class Two – Perceiving The Chakras

As a Reiki Master you will begin to feel and perceive the chakras when you are working on your clients. It’s essential not only to have a good working knowledge of the chakras but also know how you are going to experience them in a Reiki sessions. Many of us  FEEL them with our hands but we can’t always interpret what we are feeling. Some of us see the chakras but the same applies, how do you know what you are seeing? In this class you will also receive my booklet on Advanced Chakras For Reiki Practitioners.


  • Feeling them with your hands – looking for excessive and deficient
  • Visually reading the chakras on the body
  • Determining if the chakras are excessive or deficient by they how they feel
  • Handout – Advanced Chakras For Reiki Practitioners



LIVE Class Three – Perceiving The Aura

It’s also important to have a good working knowledge of the aura. In this class we will cover an excellent five layer model to the aura and begin to perceive those layers on our clients.


  • Finding the outer edge and healing it, if it is compromised. (which is almost always is!)
  • Visually perceiving at the aura
  • How to work entirely off the body if needed and how to address holes, rips and tears in the aura.
  • Five layers of the aura in detail



LIVE Class Four –  Practicing Attunements

It’s always good to practice giving attunements!  This is a crucial part of being a Reiki Master and we all need to practice and review how to do them. There are many variations to the attunements so we are going to cover a few ways to do them and review the Healing Attunement.  It’s always nice to receive them too!


  • Attunement review and practice
  • Attunements three ways
  • Healing attunements



Live Class Five – Psychic Surgery and Past Life Healing

Psychic surgery and past life healing work is something that is truly in the realm of Reiki Masters but lots of people haven’t been trained to do this important work. Cord cutting is one of the most common kinds of psychic surgery you can do and it’s very, very useful. Help your clients heal from past relationships with this powerful healing.  What to do about past lives?  No fear, learn some simple but powerful methods to help someone clear a past life.


  • Cord removal techniques
  • Removing “objects” that might be imbedded in the energy field
  • Finding the past life and clearing it using basics soul retrieval techniques



LIVE Class Six – Reiki Plus

Often times we want to blend Reiki with other healing modalities and Reiki lends itself very well to this. Let’s share what we know about blending Reiki with crystals, essential oils or whatever else you are doing. Bring what you have and be prepared to share your knowledge!


  • Using crystals
  • Essential oils
  • Flower essences



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You can expect the following in the Webinar Video’s:


These classes will be happening Thursday evenings on the same week of the in-person classes.  It will be a video based webinar that you can listen to as it’s happening and you will get a recording that you can listen to/watch at any time, so you don’t have to be local to experience this!


Webinar One –  Personal Energy Management (So You Don’t Burn Out!)

No matter how long we have been practicing Reiki, it’s important to come back to this essential practice. Practicing effective energy management basics is key for having a successful practice. (I should know, I have been seeing 15-20 a week for almost 20 years! If I didn’t do this stuff, I would be toast…)


  • Energy management for Reiki Masters
  • Having an effective self care routine
  • Getting supervision
  • The absolute important of spiritual practice
  • Play and fun with work/life balance



Webinar Two – Client Management (How To Deal With Tricky Clients)

Holding our boundaries is one of the most important and difficult aspects of doing advanced Reiki work. We really want to help!  And if we don’t hold a firm boundary we will burn out and our clients won’t actually feel safe. Ethics are number one importance and not often taught.  We will be covering all of that and how to deal with “tricky” clients.


  • Setting boundaries that hold-  It’s easy once you know how!
  • Working effectively with needy clients
  • How to handle aggressive, hostile or inappropriate clients
  • Firing clients



Webinar Three – Dealing With Client Trauma

This is a vital skill not often taught to Reiki Masters. You are going to be exposed to your client’s trauma, since sadly most of us have been traumatized at some point. While this is never easy, it’s crucial that you know what to do with confidence and skill.


  • Grounding and opening your heart (practicing Presence)
  • Referring out to other practitioners
  • Dealing with “secondary trauma” (What to do when you are traumatized by someone’s trauma.)
  • What to do when someone really floods



Webinar Four – Reiki With Specific Populations

Most Reiki practitioners specialize or “niche” themselves, which is wonderful, but we never know what we are going to get on any given day. We must be prepared to deal with a whole scope of people and their specific issues.


  • Working with clients with mental health diagnosis
  • Working with seriously physically ill clients
  • Reiki and dying people
  • Children and Teens
  • Reiki treatments for Animals



Webinar Five – Increasing Your Psychic Ability

This is the fun stuff!  The more Reiki you do, the more likely it is that your intuition and psychic ability opens. Knowing how to truly access and interpret this information is a huge benefit not only to your clients but also to you in your life!


  • Identifying your Reiki Guides
  • Your open channel – how you get your information
  • Increasing your connection and learning to trust your guidance



Webinar Six – Psychic Self Defense For Reiki Practitioners

Knowing some good psychic self-defense will increase your skill and confidence in your Reiki sessions. It’s a bit like being street smart, nothing to worry about if you know what to do. Occasionally we come across some of the darker things that need handling and it’s not scary if you know what to do.


  • Basic space clearing for Reiki Masters
  • Removing attachments and entities
  • Helping the stuck ones cross over
  • Working with the light


Six weeks of LIVE CLASSES meet every Tuesday

October 24th – November 1st, 7th, 14th, & 28th –  December 5th

(Moving Halloween class to Nov 1st and skipping Thanksgiving week)

7 – 9pm

The class will be held at a private location in Sherborn, MA.  The address to the class location will be provided once you have signed up.



Six weeks of  WEBINAR SESSIONS meet every Thursday

October 26th – November 2nd, 9th, 16th, & 30th – December 7th

(Skipping Thanksgiving week)

6 – 7pm

The Webinar information will be provided to you once you have signed up for the class.



If you think this is for you, please fill out this brief application and we can have a quick conversation.

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