Six Secrets of Self Defense – FREE CALL

Join me for this FREE call where I am going to teach you guys my top six PSYCHIC SELF DEFENSE secrets.


6 Psychic Protection Secrets That Might Save You!


When I asked people the number one thing that prevents them from opening up their psychic ability, they all told me that FEAR and WORRY that they might not be protected was what stopped them.


Here is what one of my students confessed to me. She was afraid to open up her psychic ability, even though she had boatloads of raw talent.  That always worries me a bit, since the more latent psychic ability you have, the more that you really need the training.
She was terrified that if she let really allowed her psychic ability to come out that:


  • I’ll see something bad and then I won’t feel safe.
  • I’ll attract something yucky to me by opening my psychic up.
  • I saw scary things when I was a child and now I am scared to open as an adult.
  • Once I turn it on, I won’t be able to turn it off.
  • My friends and family will think I am crazy.
  • I might actually be crazy!




No wonder she was keeping a lid on her psychic ability.


BUT she took Reiki with me and that started a psychic opening for her. Plus she is doing yoga and meditating regularly and opens us up even more so that psychic horse is sooooo out of the barn now.


It is totally part of her life’s purpose to have the psychic gift!  We have our gifts for a reason and that reason is always to use it, right?  She needs it!


If you are psychic, you have to make a decision, are you going to fully open and get trained? Or are you going to shut it down?


I have been teaching psychic development for a long time now, and I can tell you from having trained hundreds of psychic students that shutting it down never really works. People always go a little wonky in the end when they do that.


But you totally CAN open up your psychic ability in a way that is safe. (If you have the right training with a reputable teacher…)


So I am going to teach you guys my top six PSYCHIC SELF DEFENSE secrets.


It’s like being street smart.  When you know where you are, you are ok, But walking around town in the dangerous neighborhood is a bad idea. And there are some pretty bad neighborhoods “over there…”


Information and knowledge is what will make you safe. That is where being street smart comes in. The more training and knowledge you have, the safer you are. Stands to reason.


In this FREE call you will:


  • Learn what psychic activities are safe and which ones aren’t.
  • See why most of what you see paranormal investigators doing on TV is EXTREMELY dangerous.
  • Find out what to do if you encounter an unfriendly spirit.
  • How to tell the difference between your helpful guides and a malevolent entity.
  • Master ways to fearlessly handle negative people and “energy vampires”.
  • Techniques to handle challenging environments (places where BAD stuff happened!)
  • How to keep your energy field strong- it’s your first line of defense!


You will come away with some easy, usable and practical psychic self-defense techniques. It good for your peace of mind!


And we will have a lot of fun too!


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