The Journey Of The Goddess






Presented by

Oceana LeBlanc And Lisa Campion 

  A Series Of Women’s Empowerment Circles






Welcome to the circle!  Lisa and Oceana have joined their magical and powerful forces together to bring you a series of women’s circles. The Journey Of The Goddess is a delicious and juicy opportunity to reconnect to your own DIVINE FEMININE essence within a sacred circle of other like-hearted women.


 This work, which is a passion and soul calling for both Oceana and Lisa is for you if you:

  • Lost your magic and mojo as a woman.
  • Feel stuck in your life and can’t move forward.
  • Are isolated from a group of supportive woman who want to life you up.
  • Lack passion, juice for life and joy.
  • Are bored, bored, BORED with the status quo.
  • Are tired of living too much in a masculine world of PUSHING and DOING.


It doesn’t have to be this way!


We all try so hard and do so much for others as mothers, wives, workers, helpers and caretakers. When we become disconnected from the essence of our own Goddess self, we can’t replenish and nourish ourselves.


Then we feel:

  • Burned out from over giving
  • Dried up and dusty
  • Disconnect from LIFE and LOVE


Reconnecting with ourselves and each other in the sacred circle of women is where we can recharge and replenish ourselves. In our circles we will help you:

  • Bask in the Community of supportive and loving women who are dedicated to uplifting you and cheering you on.
  • Ignite the divine feminine spark within you.
  • Reconnect to the ultimate feminine power of BEAUTY, PLEASURE and SENSUALITY.
  • Respark your sexual and sensual mojo.
  • All while have a ton of juicy fun!






This work also has the amazing result of reconnecting you to the awesome power that women have to manifest what they want in the world by sinking into their RADIANCE, PLEASURE and SENSUALITY.  When we yin up, we become MAGNETIC and create all kinds of abundance for ourselves without needing to PUSH, WORK and DO, DO, DO!








psych-dev-picCircle 6- Oracle of the Goddess: 

August 19


Being able to future cast is so handy!  When you open to the power of your deep and natural intuition, we can use this gift as the compass for your highest potential. Intuition is meant to help you navigate your own life as well as assist others. Goddesses know how to read signs and omen in the world and to feel the truth inside our own bodies.

Become the bridge between heaven and earth with High Priestess archetypal wisdom. The spirit of the Goddess will connect you to the Universal Wisdom. Tapping this divine source energy ourselves is so sacred! Every woman has the power to do this and to fully embody the wisdom and the spirit of the Goddess!




Here are the details on the class:

Each class is from 7:00pm – 9:30pm

The LOCATION of the circles are held in Grafton MA at a private house. Address to be given at your registration.

Space is limited so register to save your spot!





Below is some information on the FACILITATORS of the circles.






Goddess Oceana, Women’s Sensual Empowerment Expert and Tantric Shaman, is the embodiment of the Divine Feminine. She specializes in bringing women into their feminine essence, diving deep into the watery depths of what limits you and coming up with pearls of wisdom that change the way you see yourself forever. She teaches women to access their immense feminine power to magnetize their desires, better relationships, money, and more.


Oceana has been leading circles of women into their deepest transformation for over three decades.  Featured in the movie documentary, Red Tent: Things We Don’t Talk About, viewed by over a million people worldwide, Oceana is one of the original pioneers in mentoring women to raise Red Tents globally.  She is known for her immense contribution in catalyzing this powerful women’s grassroots movement. She is available for private coaching, workshops and retreats, and online webinars and programs.


Oceana is available for private sessions, including phone and Skype sessions.  You can find out more about her at







Lisa Campion is a psychic, energy healer and a metaphysical teacher with 30 years experience. Lisa incorporates body centered counseling into her psychic readings and is also adept in many kinds of healing techniques, including Reiki and Full Spectrum Healing.  She also teaches Reiki and psychic development classes. She also teaches the Tarot.


As a teacher, Lisa’s specialty is training psychics, empaths and healers to fully master their gifts so that they can step into their life’s purpose and save the planet.


For the past 10 years, Lisa has also been the Dean of Students and a senior teacher at the Rhys Thomas Institute, which is a three year, energy medicine school Mystery School. This powerful personal transformation program has already changed hundreds of people’s lives.


Lisa’s chops as a High Priestess go back for a few life times, but this time around it manifests in a deep desire to fully embody her own Goddess and help other express theirs through doing deep healing work for the divine feminine.


Lisa is the author of her upcoming books “The Gift of Empathy” and “Reiki For Psychics And Empaths.”


Her offices are in Medway, MA and she is available for private readings and energy healings, including phone and Skype sessions.