09 May

Navigating The Shift

By Lisa Campion Once again, I am hearing a lot about The End of the World as We Know It. Certainly there is a lot in the news about climate change, political unrest, global disasters, economic downturns, and plagues of
22 Mar

Having Fun is Fun

By Lisa Campion It’s a gorgeous spring day and I feel like ditching my work and going out to PLAY. Hallelujah. That means it’s time to connect with my soul and I am answering the call. Kids are little smarticles.
03 Jan

New Year, New You

By Lisa Campion On New Year’s Eve, me and the fam were sitting around watching a movie while we waited to ring in the New Year.  (Hey, what is up with Dick Clark?  Zombie?!) When all of the sudden a
25 Dec

Return of the Light

By Lisa Campion Merry Christmas everyone!  It’s been a beautiful Christmas morning. The kids are sitting amidst the wrappings and boxes, admiring their Christmas morning gifts. The coffee cake is in the oven and I am thinking about bacon and
16 Dec

Holiday High Jinx

By Lisa Campion “Do we have to do Christmas this year?” my husband asked. He was really serious and fairly whiney about it.  I could relate to his obvious holiday distress, as I have been struggling mightily with finding
06 Nov

Me and My Shadow

By Lisa Campion Recently I witnessed a spectacular thing. I watched someone try and talk herself out of being angry. She was pretty pissed off and had good reason to be, but unfortunately this poor woman had enough New Age
20 Oct

The Frying Pan of Truth

By Lisa Campion I was walking my dog in the woods yesterday when it hit me like a ton of bricks. CONSCIOUSNESS. Wham.  It was The Frying Pan of Truth whacking me over the head. It was a gorgeous day,