22 May


I feel totally blissed out these days. Bliss is a hard thing to write about. When I really start experiencing these essential states of being, it becomes hard to put words on it. How do you explain unconditional love? Or ecstatic union with God? Words just make it...
06 Apr

The River of Life

By Lisa Campion A couple of summers ago my husband and I went white water rafting up in Maine. Not only was it amazing fun, but I have also found that it is a great metaphor for life.
18 Nov

The Gift of Death

By Lisa Campion I don’t know what has come over me. All I want to do is write about death and sex. (Sex coming soon!) It must be the Scorpio influence right now. This time of year (Sun
24 Sep


By Lisa Campion Ok, let’s all have a moment of silence for Tom Brady’s knee. I am going to wear black from now on and will probably be in mourning until the season opener next year. So please