Change in the Tides

Dec 12, 2017 by

My life has taken an interesting shift. I am definitely having a drink from The Fire Hose Of Change, as everything seems to be happening at once. Change and movement is upon me. And it’s all good, it’s just all happening at the same time!


My plans all converged so that I have a big house project happening and my house is in an uproar, plus a huge and nit picky writing deadline, plus the Holidays and now a move to a new office all within before Jan 1. (And of course my regular work/life routine…)


You should see my home office- it’s actually funny. I am tangling with this gnarly writing deadline but everything is piled in here. It’s usually a very serene writing space, but almost my whole bedroom is in piles everywhere since the painters are repainting my bedroom. And I am gazing out the window at the gorgeous snow that fell last night, thinking that I am going to have to add shoveling to today’s to do list. Ho hum. Good thing I don’t need much sleep!


Not sure how I will pull it all off, since even one of these would be enough to take up all my time. I am grateful however that I am person who thrives on change and forward movement. I like it when things happen, enjoy forward progress and really dig producing things.


I am in a flow state.


We have inner flow states, which are more of an internal experience and we have outer flow states in which the world flows- doors open, things accelerate, synchronicities and kismet abound.


It’s a crazy, cool story about how I was standing in a building on Tuesday wondering if there was an empty office for me to move into, and signing a lease on that Friday morning for a gorgeous new office space. Every door opened and the magic flowed.


I am not sure what creates these flow states. Are they intention setting? Good astrology? Fate, luck or random happenstance? I do feel like maybe there is a combination of inner intention setting plus inspired action. But there is also something else, some divine intervention I think of as “The Hand of God.”


Haven’t we all had times when we tried everything in our power to manifest our desire and got bupkiss? We did our vision boards, prayed and fung shui-ed our heads off. We tried rituals, guided meditations, and listened to Abraham Hicks. In our private moments, we begged, pleaded or had inner child hissy fits. And still nada…


And other times when an almost a throw away wish upon a star solidifies into effortless reality.


It’s a bit of a mystery to me how it all works, but I believe it’s a combination of being in alignment with our own soul’s path, taking inspired action and learning how to surf the waves of energy that we live in.


Or surrendering to what is when it’s not happening.


The Masters can create reality with only their thoughts and do it instantly, which seems like miracles and magic to us. (Loaves, fishes and wine out of nothing, right?)


I am certainly not there, but I am canny enough to walk through the open doorway of opportunity when it presents itself. And savvy enough to know what I desire- at least some of the time. And I have enough discipline to buckle down and work when that is required.


So wish me luck in the next few weeks! I am not stressed about it, I feel the flow and know it will all get done with love and deep appreciation for the sweet moments.


And I wish flow, and magic for you too!


May you create what you most desire with ease and joy!


Or may you surrender with grace and ease.


Either way, blessings to you all!


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