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This is a video clip from our recent Open House for the Rhys Thomas Institute of Energy Medicine. Rhys explains each of the five profiles using us, the staff as his “profile LINE UP.”  It’s funny, and sweet and you can see my profile sticking out a mile.



The profiles are one of the coolest aspects of the Institute of Energy Medicine. Knowing what your profile is suddenly makes all your relationships make sense and gives you the key to your life’s purpose.

This line up is something we do in the school each weekend with the students so it’s very cool to see it here in the video. It’s pretty fun that we are taking some of the mysteries of our Mystery School and offering it to you, just cause it’s so very transformational and we are very passionate about helping people transform.

As you can see in the video, I am a Team Player with a big dose of the Charismatic Leader as my secondary profile. After you watch the videos, can you tell which profile is yours?

You are either a-

  • Mad genius and highly artistic – The Creative Idealist
  • An empathic, love machine- The Emotional Intelligence Specialist
  • The relationship expert and everyone’s best friend- The Team Player
  • The master of all trades with a golden touch- The Knowledgeable Achiever
  • Or you came here to lead and inspire others and generally kick some bootay- The Charismatic Leader

Like any personality profiling model like astrology, the Meyers-Briggs or the Enneagram, it’s not about labeling you or pegging you into a box, it’s more about helping you understand what kind of person you are.

We have all been taught that the biggest difference we have between people is men vs. woman gender difference, but these profiles are really balanced across all genders, so what matters way more then your gender is your profile.

This profile will inform you about who you are attracted to as a mate, what kind of work will make you happy and how you think and feel about just about everything. I will tell you that ninety percent of the suffering that I see in people comes because they are trying really hard to be someone they are not.

My profile is a Team Player. We are friendly, kind, compassionate, non-competitive and relationship oriented. (Remember my blog about Hufflepuff? That is pretty much it…)

People will also be the most important thing for me. Rhys once told me that I would never be happy taking a ten-day, silent meditation retreat and in fact he is right. I would be lonely and sad. A much better vacation for me would be taking my kids to Disney, or having everyone I love over to my house for a big family get together.

However, I frequently get all bent out of shape because I think I should be a Knowledge Achiever. I admire them so much! And it’s everything I am not. They are organized, fit and trim, smart and have all the i’s dotted and t’s crossed. Their abs are taut and their checkbooks balanced. I really make myself suffer and feel a lot of shame for being floppy, messy and not so taut.

But really, it’s just me. I am what I am. Leaning into my core essence as Team Player has done much to get me out of the Shame Game and back into loving myself and gracefully giving into my actual gifts, talents and skills. (That is the life purpose, after all- YOU being YOU as with as much passion as you can!)

When we are children, our parents, society, all our various tribes often rejected our natural being which is our core essence. Mostly, we had to suck it up by about the age of three and figure out which of these profiles it was acceptable to be in our family tribe, despite which one we actually are.

I feel lots of compassion for the little warrior children, the Charismatic Leaders, who come in all powered up and ready to kick some booty and are told by everyone else to sit down, shut up and please take some ADD meds. And each of the profiles has it’s own way of being rejected, told to conform and be someone you are not.

And this rejection of the core essence is the root of all our pain and trauma. It creates our “defense.”

Each of the profiles has a shadow and a light side to it.  The shadow side is where you go is you are having a bad hair day. In the school we call it your “defense” and it’s not pretty. Mine is called the “People Pleaser” and that is just about as ominous as it sounds.

As a People Pleaser in defense, I over give, have terrible boundaries, say yes when I should say no and become a big, cranky doormat. I feel like my life weighs 100 million pounds and it’s all too heavy to bear. I feel resentful, angry, bitter and disappointed. This is when I want to ten-day silent meditation retreat that would never actually work for me.

Each of us needs to learn to come out defense, which sadly we spend all too much of our time in- and move into our core essence.

Core essence is good.

Defense is bad.

Here is what the rest of them look like-

  • The genius Creative Idealist becomes the space shot THINKER.
  • The sweet tempered Emotional Intelligence Specialist becomes the victimy POOR ME.
  • The genial Team Player transforms into the resentful and cranky PEOPLE PLEASER.
  • The masterful Knowable Achiever becomes the rigid and uptight RULE KEEPER.
  • And the powerful warrior of the Charismatic Leader becomes the slightly psycho and scary ENFORCER

As I said before, being in defense is no fun, feels terrible and gosh dang it, we all spend way too much time there.

But, there is hope!

In the school, we teach a lot of tools and techniques to help you understand when you are in defense and how to knock it off and get back into your core.

For me, getting out of my defense of the People Pleaser and back into my core is all about setting boundaries, saying no, taking care of myself first and being kind to myself above all others. This is hard for me sometimes since it’s very counter intuitive. And yet, when I practice this, I stay in my core more and more.

If you want to know more about the profiles, check out Rhys’s website, the where you can take a profile questionnaire to figure out what YOUR profile is.

Love and Squishes,




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