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Had a beautiful visit with my son and his lovely wife today. They are very happy and that is most wonderful things to see in your kids. I am very proud of my son, he is a few days away from his 21st birthday and seems waaaaay more grown up then I was at that age. I think 2 years in the USMC will do that to you, if you let it.


His wife Kindred has taken on wifehood and living in a totally new place at the tender age of 18 and I can see her maturing and thriving in her new en


So proud of them both.


I believe that it is our children’s destiny to out evolve their parents and I can definitely see that in my own children. All of them wise and loving beings with good heads on their shoulders.


Young people learn by trying things on for size and seeing if they fit. They make mistakes, they fall down and pick themselves up again and hopefully learn from their mistakes. I think as parents we want to spare the pain we learned the hard way, but I see it more as a forward moving journey.


Our children have their own fate and their own lessons that they are working on. They were born whole and complete, and we can help them or hinder them, but they are their own wonderful, unique and amazing selves.


I feel lucky to have spent this time with them and to be able to see them happy in their own life. It’s good.



Our children

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