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By Lisa Campion

Did you know that EMF radiation can trash your health?  It can and it does. And it’s all around us in our cell phones, computers, microwave machines and florescent lights. It’s hard to get away from it.

I just read study that said EMF radiation is really bad for people with auto-immune issues like Lupus and Lymes Disease.  If you have an auto-immune disease then you should be wearing an amazing QLINK!

See what Dr. Mercola says about EMF and the negative impact it has on your health.


The QLINK is an EMF Shield that will not only protect you from EMF radiation, but if you are sensitive and EMPATHIC, it will help strengthen your energy field.


Also it’s really good for highly anxious people too!  I gave QLINKS to my kids and put the little QLINK CLEARS on their phones, since my teens sleep with their phones in their beds!

The other day I slept in a room that had a bunch of computers in it and was so thankful that I had my QLINK on. I could feel those EMF cooties all around me!

I am not trying to be all obnoxious and sell you stuff, it’s just that I REALLY believe in these little babies. They help empaths A LOT.

You can pick one up next time you are at Solstice, or you can buy one HERE

“I am super sensitive and empathic and always felt like I had a sensitivity to EMF radiation. I used to think I was crazy since standing next to a microwave while it was running always made me feel like my brain was going to dribble out my ears. Since I started wearing the QLINK, I feel much more grounded and don’t feel spacy and sick around electronics.”  –Stacy

“I was living in terror of the Zombie Apocalypse and was a nervous wreck all the time. Now that I am wearing my QLINK I feel really secure and safe. Zombies really hate that thing. It seems to be keeping the aliens at bay too. Whew!  Thank you QLINK”  -Lisa 


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