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Happy Halloween!


Did you know that there is a reason that we do ghost stories at this time of the year? At Halloween, otherwise know as “All Souls Eve” the veil between the living and the dead is very thin. I think more people die at this time of the year and it’s also very possible for psychics and sensitives to perceive the dead.


Actually the “death bed visitation” is the single most common psychic experience. This is when someone that you are close to dies and you have a visit from them shortly after their death. Maybe it’s in a dream, or you wake up and see Uncle Fred standing at the foot of your bed clear as day. And then you find out that he died during the night.




This kind of thing happens a lot more often around Halloween.


I tend to keep a low profile on this day and the ones leading up to it. My kids love to hang out in Salem on Halloween and I just can’t. I think it would blow my circuits so I stay home and watch horror movies and open the door to the Trick Or Treaters. And tell ghost stories, which I love.


Years ago when I still doing house clearings on a regular basis, I had a visit in my office from a priest of a nearby Catholic Church. “Father Joe” was sneaking into my office, with a big hat and scarf on, trying not to be recognized by anyone local since he had a pretty big problem in his church and didn’t know what to do about it. His church was very haunted.


Everyone who spent any time there knew about it and it was unnerving. It was a nice old church, a large, squat stone one and a bit gothic and gloomy for my taste but classic in a New England way. And according to Father Joe, the bell tower was haunted by a crying lady and there was defiantly another, nastier problem in the church basement where the class and meeting rooms were.



Father Joe had appealed to his higher ups in the church diocese but really hit a brick wall there since the church doesn’t formally recognize the presence of ghosts, even though many people have experienced them. He was told quite sympathetically to find a way to deal with it on his own in a “don’t ask, don’t tell” sort of way. And so he found his way to me.


The crying lady in the bell tower was pretty easy to deal with, relatively speaking. Ghosts are just people who happen to be dead. Death doesn’t always change our personalities too much. If you were a jerk in life, you will probably be a jerky ghost. But the lady in the bell tower was just sad and very stuck. She had a lot on her mind and just needed a sympathetic ear. She was really sad to have left her kids from an early death from cancer.


She had been trying to talk to people who came into the back of the church but had just ended up frightening them. Anyone who was at all sensitive would feel very cold and smell a grave like smell. And feel very sad too. Sometimes people heard weeping or would feel a cold hand touch them. She wasn’t dangerous but she did need help! And she was freaking out the living people to the point where Father Joe was afraid that he might lose members of his congregation. She had even been seen as the classic “apparition.”


She told me that her funeral had been in the church and she was just too sad to leave. The church was comforting and familiar and she was afraid to let go. Many ghosts are need something like therapy. They need to release the heaviness, fear and pain of their death trauma and let go of the unresolved emotions from their life. And then they can lighten up and literally rise up and cross over.


I listened to her talk about how physically painful her death was, a fact that she hid from her loved ones. (She went into a lot of gory detail about her death, which ghosts who are stuck in their death state often do…) She was very worried about her kids and was afraid that her grieving husband was not taking good care of them. She needed reassurance that all was well. Fortunately, Father Joe was able to give her that reassurance, since they were still regular church attenders.


After a good talk and cry, she agreed to leave. Father Joe blessed her and prayer for her too. The whole church had a much lighter, happier feeling after that.



The basement was a little trickier. I dubbed the creature down there The Thing, since it wasn’t particularly human and it was rather malevolent. I didn’t stop to chat with it, since that is not a good idea. If you have a dangerous animal trapped in your basement, having a conversation is not helpful. It just needed to go.


I classed it as a Lower Astral Entity. They are pretty common and pretty nasty. They can scare you good and they are parasitic, living off the negative emotions that they inspire in people, and sucking the life force energy from you, if they get close enough.


I wasn’t sure how it got in there, but I wondered if it hitched a ride on someone. I often see these critters on addicts and the church hosted a multitude of AA and NA meetings in the very rooms that it was lurking in. However it got there, it just needed to go. This one looked a bit like a weird dog, it was creepy and had too many teeth. (Sometimes they look a little bit human and that is maybe worse…)


Fortunately for me, I had a Priest handy! Father Joe was game to help me and he had been a great help in clearing the sad lady. My opinion was that Father Joe, who was a kindly man and truly devout was also a strongly talented and untrained psychic. (I offered to train him and he reluctantly refused!)



Folks like him often find themselves at the center of psychic storms. The stronger your natural psychic ability is it, the stronger a “ghost magnet” you are. It is very important to train up if you have powerful and untrained psychic gifts. I knew that this church would continue to attract spirits as long as Father Joe was there. But I also could appreciate his dilemma.


Father Joe and I prayed a lot and loudly. He splashed around some holy water and knew quite a few tricks for getting rid of a nasty spirit. If you clear the space and invoke a high vibration energy, they leave since the space is no longer appealing to them. I used sage to clear the room from left over negative human emotions. All those leftover negative emotions from the AA and NA meetings had collected up in the dark basement.


It is super healing for people to cry and release their feelings in those meetings, but that energy had stuck around and created a dark little pocket of yucky energy that The Thing was feeding on.


There were only small basement windows, and not much light or airflow down there, which did not help. The sage and salt cleared our much of the stagnant energy down there. And Father Joe finished with some church incense, which was frankincense and myrrh. It’s a combination is that is very effective at clearing sadness.


We opened the back door and shooed The Thing out and as far as I know it hasn’t been back. I think Father Joe learned enough that day to take care of business on his own since then because it’s been very quiet and happy at that church since then!


It’s a good ghost tale.


Share one of yours!



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