Grateful Morning

Sep 14, 2016 by

I am feeling grateful this morning for all the times that I have fallen in love. I am person that falls in love really easily and deeply. It’s happened to me a lot in my life and I haven’t regretted a single one. (Ok. Maybe there was that one…. ;-))

I love that feeling of falling in love. It’s like falling backwards, heart expanded and soul opening. It’s always a big risk, a gamble since there are no guarantees when we fall in love. I tend to jump in both feet first – a little reckless but with a lot of faith.

And it’s not just romance, right? We fall in love with our children the second they are born, maybe the second they are conceived. And then every day after that. I have fallen in love with all my pets, my plants, my beloved friends and random people on the street.


I regularly fall for performers and artists. (FGL!) I fall hugely in love with my favorite writers. (Terry Pratchett! xoxoxoxo) I have TOTALLY fallen in love with characters in books. (Jamie Frazier… sigh…. And Angel from Buffy.)


Every morning I fall in love first with my coffee and then with the day itself. I have a deep love relationship with my bed every night. How about every good meal I have ever eaten? You bet.


And then of course with myself. Over and over again. Every day. This is the best and most important love. This one expands out in the world through everything, including everybody. The city I live in, the trees, the grass, the people drinking coffee in this Starbucks. Then out to the universe, the stars and the mysteries of the cosmos beyond that.


I am pretty sure there are a bunch of aliens out there I will love to death someday. Hey you guys! xoxoxo in advance….


Angels. Mystics. Stars. Me. You. It’s all the same on this wave of love. It tickles. It uplifts. It contains everything. Always expanding. It starts like a bloom in your heart when you let yourself fall in love with the guy (or gal) standing in the coffee line in front of you.


Can you feel it?



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