Happy Easter

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Easter is a time of renewal and rebirth. Thank goodness, since I am in a transition time up to my neck. One of the better qualities that I possess is resiliency and the ability to rewrite my life- to start over, which I have done many times. And I am at it again.


I am at the empty nest part of life. In the next few months, I have one son getting married and going back into the Marines, one son moving to NYC and starting a new life there and my daughter is about to turn 18 (next week!) and is headed off for college in August.


And that is it. I am done with this stage of mothering. (Although someone please give me the manual on how to parent/not parent adult children, cuz it’s really, really hard! And so far, I have made every mistake in the book. Sigh…)


It’s a wonderful time of life for them, and a huge rebirthing of life for me too. A blank slate, since endings are always followed by beginnings. So much of my time and identity has been wrapped up in motherhood; it’s been the core of who I am for the past 23 years.


I feel a little bitter sweetness at the change. I am very proud of the children that I have raised and happy that they are going about their lives with confidence and aplomb.


And I am excited about what comes next for me. I have some space to think about what I want to create in this part of my life and it feels luxurious to have choices. I don’t feel panicky about it, more relaxed, and curious about this new me. No hurry to figure it all out, I am enjoying being in the moment with all the sweet and sad moments of these transitions.


I know a few things. I know that I want to keep writing books and teaching in bigger venues. Definitely no more winters in New England. And it’s time to find a life partner to enjoy this stage of life with.


This Easter it is my own rebirth and resurrection that I am facing. A part of my life is over and new things are coming. I know that if I stay with myself and grieve the losses with compassion, I can step into the new phase with a joyous, open heart and lots of curiosity.


And if you are going through a time of transition, then I wish the same for you. And the world is in a massive and chaotic stage of rebirth too, so this transition energy is acting on all of us. Change is upon us all, ready or not. There is no going back.


It’s a challenge to stay fully present with change, but it’s so worth it.


Let’s keep our eyes, hearts and minds open to the changes.


Let’s make space for our emotions and we process the changes.


Let’s be kind to each other during the bumpy parts.


Let’s envision a future filled with love, grace, justice and abundance for all.


Happy Easter to you all! May the spirit of rebirth, resurrection and renewal be with you.


And may your future be bright!


Easter 2017

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