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By Lisa Campion

I had so much fun teaching my fall psychic development class and now I am getting ready to teach my winter classes. Psychic 2 is all about learning to listen to your guidance and work with your spirit guides. Really useful and cool stuff and something that I am constantly learning myself.

When I was a younger and less experienced psychic.  (Sheesh, it’s been 30 years now that I have been doing this stuff. YIKES! I just updated my biography and in my bio, it said 20 years. I scratched my head, did some math and GULP, 30 years it is!!!!! Holy moly…)

Anyways, when I was a younger and less experienced psychic, I really expected psychic stuff to be big, to be impressive, To be COOL.   Like, you know an angel zooms down with wings and a halo and possibly a big trumpet. Then the angel blows that trumpet in your ear and hands you an easily understood message. Something good,  Something fun, Something yummy that you REALLY want to hear.

Something like: “Dearest Lisa, you will meet a tall handsome stranger, probably Harrison Ford and you will be madly in love forever.  And be rich, And happy, Forever and ever.  Amen–We love you! Sincerely, your angels.” And you hear the Hallelujah Chorus playing in the background while you read this message.

Sadly, I have never gotten a message like that. Mostly my angels say things like,“Get your hindquarters out of bed and over to the gym, asap…”

Or the ever popular “Are you SURE you really want to do that? AGAIN? Cuz it worked out so well the last hundred times you did it that way…?” <Huge angel eye roll and shoulder shrug> “No skin off our noses, we got all the time in the Universe, Literally. But you, little mortal being, do not. Just sayin’!”

And that my friends is the problem.  Mostly we get the message. Sometimes, we don’t listen! Why? Because our guidance asks us hard stuff, Outside the Comfort Zone stuff. Even when it’s good.

People ask me all the time how to increase their intuition? It’s an easy answer!

Pay attention to the messages you are already getting.

Pay attention and then take action. Do something about them. Clear the decks for the next things. As Carolyn Myss said, “You think your angels are going to go deeper with you if you can’t handle the simple stuff?” She reminds me of a mystical version of Jack Nicholson in the old movie TAPS. “You want the TRUTH? You can’t handle the truth!”

Can you handle your own truth? It can be hard, since it usually means something has to CHANGE. (Eeeek! Right?) All your guides are cheerleading, poking, pushing, coaxing, pleading with you to move out of your Comfort Zone and into your Soul Zone.

Here is how it is supposed to go.

You get the message. You take action. Something changes and you move into your Soul Zone. Yey!

Repeat. New message. New action. New step on your path. Yey!

However sometimes we get stuck. We get afraid. We wimp out. You get the message. You do nothing. You get the message again a little louder. Nothing. Then you get a warning, Nothing. That escalates to a crisis. Then if the nothing continues for long enough, you get the BREAKDOWN. Ugh. Not so yay.

What messages are you getting every day that you ignore? It’s all the stuff you know you should do but don’t. And all the stuff you know you shouldn’t do but you do it anyways. If you want to get deeper into your spiritual life, or progress in any area of your life, this stuff needs to be handled.

It can be hard at times, but it’s worth it. When we take care of that business we are rewarded by spiritual strength, grace, and power. We then have the stamina, strength, and skills we need to live our life’s purpose. Maybe you are at the point where it’s harder NOT to be there. Where it feels worse to be stuck. Where a little hard work sounds pretty good. That place is where magic lives and change happens.

But take heart, it’s not all bad, hard or scary. Our connection to our guidance is also wonderful, warm and comforting. Like the rubber on the tip of your soul. Learning how to speak with our guides and listen to our inner guidance can be one of the most fun and empowering parts of our spiritual lives.

And to be honest, taking a class can really help. It’s easier than you think! In fact you are already doing it every day. So I hope to see you in class!

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