How Lisa Got Her Groove Back

Feb 11, 2010 by

By Lisa Campion

I am feeling seriously in the groove. Part of it was the Super Bowl. Watching the Saints beat the stuffing out of the Colts put me into my Happy Place till pre-season. Manning made the Boo Boo Face. The Saints won in the best kind of feel good, underdog, save the pride of our ruined city, kind of way.

Uh huh, uh huh!  Who dat!  (I am doing the endzone boogie here, with my white chick overbite…)

Part of the spiritual path for our soul’s evolution is about mastering the Real World. (Eeek!) I don’t know about you, but the Real World pretty much kicks my ass on a daily basis. Hanging with the angels is the easy part of living for me. Meditation is a vacation.

Surviving a snow day with four teenagers is what will lead me to enlightenment. Or not!  Ah, they should just call kids “Buddha Makers.”

The Real World. Sheesh. That’s why they invented TV, right?  And drugs. In fact all mind altering substances, like donuts and Ben and Jerry’s.  A couple of Prozacs, some Chunky Monkey, American Idol and the Real World pretty much goes buh bye.

And yet somehow we all end up back in it, usually with a big hangover. At some point you have to deal with it and better yet, master it.  I love the concept of mastery as a spiritual path. That means you try to get really good at what you choose to do. Heavy on the CHOICE.  And for me the past, say 45 years or so, has been a repeated attempt to master Real World living.  Sometimes that involves losing the big game and stomping off the field with a boo boo face.

Thankfully, sometimes it’s the big win.

The very cool thing is that sometimes, I actually figure stuff out. So I offer for your entertainment and enlightenment,  my latest adventure in mastering a part of the Real World. (Your turn to do the endzone boogie. Woop, woop, Go Lisa!- Overbite optional here…)

Do you know how people are always talking about stepping into their power?  I think I know what that means now. Of course it lined up with teaching third chakra weekend in the Energy Medicine School. One of the best things about teaching there is that I get these major life lessons and opportunities to grow as I run through the program myself. Part of the many perks, along with free parking and no overtime.

Third chakra is all about power, self-esteem and mastering living in the Real World. Each chakra represents an aspect of ourselves and our lives and ninety percent of our problems show up in the lower three chakras.

Meet Chakra One, it’s mission is to ensure your physical survival. It is our bodies, our health, and everything solid in our lives, like money, cars, houses and such.  I know you guys have all that stuff totally figured out.

Chakra two is our feelings, emotions and sensations. It’s also our sexuality and our capacity to feel our feelings and create intimacy. Never any problems there, right?

And the third chakra holds our power, will and ability to move through the Real World with confidence and mastery.  This one is the master regulator of the lower two, and is designed to lead with a firm hand and lot of healthy self-discipline.

Chakra Two says, “I want a cookie and I want it RIGHT NOW!”  This baby is not into waiting since it is all about instant self-gratification.

Chakra One chimes in, “Mmmm. Cookie good. Nom, nom!” It’s fantastic at surviving, but since it’s basically just your brain stem, it’s not too bright.

Chakra Three responds with, “Eating a cookie is not in alignment with our other goals, so no cookie.” Boom. It’s final.

Chakra Two, “Waaaaaaaaah! Want cookie now!”

Chakra One, “I kill you…”

There! Now you know everything you need to about your lower three chakras. Scary, isn’t it?  You can see where problems arise if you got no game in number three.

I am constantly blown away by the magic that is in my life. It’s so amazing when you see the beauty and symmetry of your life lessons. Mine always come in clusters (commonly known as a Cluster Fuck) where every area of my life gets smacked with the same issue.  Holographically and in 3-D.

So a series of Cluster Fucks enabled me to step into my power!  Yee ha!

The irony of this is that I had been asking for a level up for some time. Praying for it, setting my intention and really feeling a calling that it was time to play on a bigger playing field. That all sounds fine and dandy until you realize that you have to clear out any issues that are standing in the way of said upgrade.

The first thing that happened was my husband lost his job.  He was pretty psyched since it let him off the corporate leash, which he hated. He is now living the entrepreneur’s dream as a genuine certifiable mad genius as he starts his own company. ( It’s everything a small biz owner or solopreneur needs to navigate the savage jungle of Internet marketing. He takes the mystery and pain out of Internet Marketing. There is your plug, hunny!)

So while he is off happily exploring Entrepreneur Land, I am bringing home the bacon.  It’s amazing how motivating HAVING TO is.  I really stepped up my game, quieted my insecurities and have been pretty much hitting the ball out of the park.

Same thing happened to me when I got divorced years ago. I hadn’t worked a “real” job in ages and had a very small private practice.  A couple a clients a week and a lot of taking care of the kids. Then I HAD TO get a job and throw my weight into making my practice a full time thing. I am certain I never would have had the courage to do that without HAVING TO, but I could feel my soul’s foot in my backside as it pushed me off the cliff into the unknown.  And lo and behold, I flew.

At the time I complained and whined about it. (I hold a gold medal in Complaining and Whining. I am quite certain this is an Olympic event.) All the other doors closed on my face. No corporate job for me!  I tried and tried and could not get one. It was  ramping up my practice or food stamps.  And somehow, I did it!

So my husband losing his job last spring was a fabulous opportunity to force me through my own blocks to level up my game this time around too. And granted, I work it. I get excellent therapy (Thanks Michael!). I tap and do EFT (Thanks Margaret! ) on money blocks and worthiness issues.

And I have the world’s best business coach. The Goddesses aligned the heavens so I could have the chance to work with her. (You rock, Wendy!)

All of these things have lead me to many realizations and epiphanies where I could get out of my own way long enough to have even more of my life purpose flow through me.

A long time ago I talked to God and said, “God, I humbly wish to know what my life purpose it. I feel the call to serve YOU and I understand that I am not really driving here. So I am going to take my hands off the wheel and you let you drive.  I surrender my will to your will. All I ask is that you show me really loud and clear what I am supposed to do, because sometimes I’m not too bright, actually.”

And God said, “Cool. That is WAY better than wrestling with you over who has the wheel. So I will drive and all you have to do is say YES when things come your way. I will let you know it’s ME by making you feel all tingly when it’s the right time to say YES and you’ll feel sort of queasy when it’s not me and you should say no. Ok?”

So we both spit on our palms, made pinky promises and crossed our hearts and it’s been that way ever since. Tingly = good. Queasy = bad.

I got remarried (very tingly!) and expanded my practice, said yes to the crazy, wonderful guy with the Energy Medicine School (more tingly!) and life has never been the same.  In fact it’s been pretty tingly and hardly ever queasy and that is how I stay on track.

Most recently it was saying YES to teaching more. And really a big huge yes to throwing all my energy and love into Solstice, my healing center. Things were a little shaky there for a minute or two at Solstice. It’s pretty expensive to run it and I was feeling wobbly and insecure about running it.  (Silver and bronze medals in the  “Waaaah!  What, now I have to run a healing center too?” event…)

And then one day I was in Solstice and I got the most massive spine tingle ever. And I knew that of course I loved Solstice, and it’s totally aligned with my life purpose to run a healing center. (Duh!)  I could literally feel my spine align with my life purpose there. It was a very visceral experience of stepping into my power. It felt like slipping into new, bigger and stronger skin. I knew I could not only do it, but do it and love it.

WHAM, there was a ripple that went out into the cosmos as reality realigned around that YES.

And boy, it’s been an amazing adventure since then. The deal is still on and God has met every ounce of my effort with a gallon of miracle responses. (Thank you from the bottom of my heart to all of you who let HIM work though you!)

I felt compelled, in a tingly way, to write about this experience from the desire to shout out that stepping into your power FEELS AMAZING!  It is worth all the shit you have to slog through, all the layers of resistance you have to peel back. All the lessons from the life’s Cluster Fucks. Every one of them worth it to get to this place where power; yours, and God’s runs through you and you step off the playing field having won the day and the game.

Try and it and see for yourself!

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