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Jan 26, 2016 by


When we are born, our hearts are all wide open and tender. Babies and small children are naturally empathic. It is their nature to understand that the world is completely interconnected and that we are all part of the same unbroken chain of life.


How sad is it that over time we must forget that in order to fit in to our society. Society domesticates us, according to Don Miguel Ruiz. It molds us, making us harden our hearts and shutting down to the whispering of our souls.


The few people who don’t manage to shut down their hearts are considered strange. Weird. Overly sensitive.


And we empaths learn to hide our oddity- our permanently open hearts- from the rest of humanity. I think we just never were able to give up our original gift, our innocence.


And thank the Lord for that.


Just think about what kind of world we would live in if everyone remained totally heart opened, connected and intertwined. There would be no violence or war. Empaths feel other people’s feelings as their own, so we will often rather hurt ourselves than cause someone else pain.


If this is you, then what I want the most for you is to stop feeling BAD about it. There is nothing wrong with you. Everyone starts out this way and has to learn shut down due to trauma – School of Hard Knocks style.


Society should take a lesson from you.


What if we had an empath for a president? (Of course they would never make it through a campaign!  Yikes…) What if every world leader was that open hearted and soul connected?


We’d all be sitting around a big round table, Camelot style. Pooling our resources to save the Earth and all her people. And we could do it. We could.


If I had a magic wand, I would open everyone’s hearts the way YOURS is open.


And then I would hand that magic wand to you so you could save the world with it. One person at a time.


So keep being open, loving, emotional, intuitive, sensitive and soft.  


Yes, please do.


You are rocking the world in your own soft way, you sweet thing you.


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