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Nov 26, 2012 by

By Lisa Campion

Well, the world is a weird place for sure. Who would have ever thought that I would end up on TV. Reality TV. A psychic on reality TV.


And yet, it’s true. A little while ago, I got a call from a lovely young woman from a production company that makes most of the paranormal shows that you can see on TV these days. She was working on a new documentary style paranormal TV show for the A&E channel. The working title of this show is “A Real American Haunting” and they were in the Boston area doing a segment. Did I want to participate?

Yes I did.

Social media really works, by the way. They found me on Meet Up! I had posted my psychic development class on Meet Up and they googled around the Boston area looking for a teacher who was teaching psychic development. And found me. God bless social media.

For this episode, they were working with a man who was having a painful Suddenly Psychic experience and wanted a teacher to help him cope with his new found gifts.

“Jack” got zapped by an strong electrical current while he was working on his car a couple of years ago and came out of that experience having some very strong and pretty funky psychic experiences. He was Suddenly Psychic. This is not uncommon for folks that have had near death experiences. Or come back from long illnesses that almost killed them. Or those zapped by current.


I have been minorly zapped by lightening myself, more then once. Which might explain a lot about me, actually. And really reinforces the important safety tip about NOT taking a tubby in a lightening storm in a really, really old house. Long story there, I’ll fill you in someday.


Any of those zappy, nearly dead or mostly dead experiences can bring on a very uncomfortable Suddenly Psychic experience.

Jack is really having a tough time with this, since it’s not really part of his framework. He’s had a tough life, growing up in the projects in Quincy and his gift is rather extreme. He sees dead people. He can sense when someone is going to die, which is a tough kind of precognition to have. And he is having some pretty extraordinary mystical experiences with angels and other light beings that even a well seasoned mystic might have trouble digesting.

So the idea was to help him out by inviting him to a psychic development class with a group of other psychics to help him feel like he wasn’t alone in his situation. It was to be sort of like a psychic AA meeting.



“Hi. My name is Lisa and I am a psychic. ”


<chorus> “Hi Lisa.”


So I gathered together a crew of some of my most psychic students and friends, those ones that have had a tough time with their gifts and come out the other side into a much better place. Many thanks to James, Liz, Courtney and Kristen who deeply, honestly and bravely shared their psychic experiences on TV!


Poor Jack was having a tough day and needed to be talked off the ledge when he first met us. Not that I blame him. A whole room full of psychics stretches the fabric of reality in warpy, wormholey kind of way. And he didn’t know us from Adam. But once he settled in, we had a great conversation about the challenges, growth opportunities and general oddities of being more psychic then the average bear. I’d like to think we helped him. I hope we did and if not him then perhaps some other people who will see the show. That is what is so cool about doing this stuff on TV.

The production company filmed right at my studio, Solstice Healing Arts, which is admittedly a gorgeous place to shoot. So that was a lot of fun too. It was awesome having them at Solstice.

I was surprised that I wasn’t nervous at all. Not even a little bit. I had make up and hair done by my pal Claudia. So fun. I also invited my daughter Genevieve and her friend Kaitlin who have logged many hours of watching paranormal TV shows and horror stories with me. We are paranormal TV junkies so they were psyched to be there and see one in the making.

Isn’t it funny that things are never like what you think they are going to be like? Same is true for shooting a TV show. And this is REALITY TV. That should give you a sense of how weird it was, considering how weird reality is. I have an endless fascination for the weird, so I felt right at home.

After a few minutes, you forget that the cameras are there. And the sound people. The directors and producers. The people with clipboards. All very nice people, I enjoyed working with them.

What I loved about this team is that they seem very dedicated to not only making interesting TV shows, but they are also committed to helping people. The executive producer said to me, “There is a whole underground, hidden community of people who suffer from hauntings or psychic experiences and they don’t say anything to anyone. They are afraid people will think they are crazy. What will the neighbors say? So they suffer in silence. And then there is another hidden group of people like YOU who are out there helping them. My goal is to get this all out into the open so anyone who needs your help can see that there is help for them.”

Wow. That is my goal too.


To go along with this series the A&E network is going to create an online forum for people to talk about this stuff in a community forum. And they asked me if I would like to be listed as resource on this community and participate in that too. Indeed I do.

And now there is a conversation about doing “more” with this production company. I would love to be a regular on this show, how fun that would be! I will keep you updated on what happens next!

About a week later, I had a dream where I was asked to come back on the show as a regular. I did. And that visibility gave me the platform that I needed to write my books about empathy and psychic development. In my dream, I could see the covers of my books and what they looked like. I was also traveling around to all the paranormal conventions and expo giving lectures and workshops on my books and teaching. I loved the people at the paranormal conventions, they are my people. In my dream, I was so happy and it was one of those dreams that feel totally real. I woke up thinking “Hmmmm, that might actually happen…” And indeed, it might well. Perhaps I was dreaming about my own future.



So keep an eye out for my show. I am not sure when it will be airing, sometime in 2013 on the A&E channel, I will keep you posted on that for sure. And also on the what happens that is “more.” <wink, wink!>


Hope you are having an excellent Thanksgiving and that you have much to be thankful for, as I do.






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