Newtonian And Quantum People

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There sure are a lot of people waking up into consciousness these days. I think this is really what people mean when they talk about “The Ascension.” Many people are snapping into full consciousness and right in the nick of time too!


I often use the analogy of Newtonian physics vs Quantum physics, when it comes to people’s states of consciousness.

In Newtonian physics, there is a very rigid set of rules that are based mostly on the Universal Law of Cause and Effect. Things are connected, but in a linear way. Gravity is a great example of this. If you push the glass off the table it will fall on the floor in a very predictable way.


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My son Grayson ,when he was very young, did something that I called “gravity testing.” He would drop his sippy cup from his high chair and watch it fall with grave consideration every time. Yup. Gravity is still working! He has always had a knack for physics and studied it at University.


Newtonian people perceive the world in a linear, logical, cause and effect dynamic and live their lives that way too. And they are not wrong of course.


One of my dear friends who I love and respect very much is a scientist. He and I often argue about what I do. Is it real? How can I tell it’s real? He is uncomfortable with the idea of the human energy field. Can it be measured and proved by science to exist?


If I could find a way to hit him over the head with it, he would be happy to believe it. He believes in baseball bats for that very reason. The solid world that you can touch, see, smell and measure – that is the “real world.” My world of energy, chakras, the unseen, ghosts, spirits, angels, the immeasurable -makes him uncomfortable and skeptical.

“Chakras! What the hell is a chakra? Can I see one? Do I have one? How do you know?” Chakra Khan he calls it. And I know under his questioning he is looking for something solid to hold onto because underneath it all he WANTS to believe. If I could just throw him a bone, something so solid that he could hang his hat on it, he would.




Granted I am not sure that I would believe in my world either if didn’t experience it first hand every day for my whole life. I respect skepticism, it just means you are thinking smart and for yourself.


But I am a Quantum creature by nature and always have been. I live pretty fully in the Quantum experience of reality. Rather than a linear construct of reality, the A + B= C formula, the universe is seen as holographic and therefore inherently interconnected.


It’s a partial AND a wave. At the same time. Depending on what it needs to be and also on who is observing it. And what they intend it to be.




In the Quantum world, particles of energy have relationships to each other. Once they are entrained, they are connected across space and time forever. Space and time are fluid, not linear. And there is a background consciousness that exists in everything, connecting everything together.


Quantum physicists are proving what metaphysicians have known all along.


We are all connected.


My particles and your particles swap places all the time. We are literally the same and different simultaneously.


Energy creates matter. And then matter goes back to energy. Our thoughts and intension create a form that matter flows into. So of course we exist after our bodies (matter) turn to dust, since we just flow back into our energy form. What else would we do? Energy is never lost. Matter just breaks down into less and less coherent structures until everything is ultimately recycled into something else.


Everything is connected, conscious and aware. And the Universe has a consciousness that we are part of. And that EVERYTHING/UNIVERSE is made out of love. We are little bits of the Universe expressing itself in order to expand, experience and grow in consciousness. (Except that the Universe is really the Multiverse.)


So of course humans are made out of energy AND matter and when you are hip to this it’s easy to see and perceive. If you change your thought form and your vibration/resonance you change the underlying physical matter. These are the Universal Laws of Creation, Attraction and Resonance. And this is why energy healing works.




For Quantum people the linear world is also real, but it’s not the ultimate reality. More like guidelines rather than unbreakable RULES. That is why the spiritual masters, the fully illuminated, completely Quantum ones can defy the Newtonian rules at will.


Bend time and space. Levitate. No problem!


Appear in two places at once, heal someone with their thoughts and turn water into wine. Easy peasy when you are flowing with full realization of your thoughts as energy. Like Neo in the Matrix, he learned how to bend space and time with this thoughts and a good flexing of his admirable biceps.



Those “miracles” are a piece of cake to a fully realized quantum being. And seem like magic to a Newtonian person. Not that I am anywhere near that kind of capacity myself, but I know it can be done. You just swap THIS particle for THAT one and Bob’s your uncle!


Quantum thinkers can hold two disparate realities as both being simultaneously true. (Particle AND a wave!) And they live more in multiple and subjective reality. Fox Mulder is a great example of the Quantum person, complete with a bad case of existential angst.


Newtonian thinkers have to pick one version of reality and stick with it. X marks the spot! And two totally opposite things can’t both be true! Dana Scully holds onto her rational grasp of reality and probably sleeps better at night, even though she DOES always drop her flashlight at the critical moment when the little green men actually run by her.



And what is the point of this? Certainly not to cast blame, or judge or see anyone as less than anyone else. Where would Mulder have been without Scully, after all? (We are all simultaneously whole and searching for wholeness.) I am just reflecting today on the level of inner peace that my view of this has brought me and wanting to share the love.


And much love and respect to my science buddy (you know who you are) for still being open to the conversation and not dropping his flashlight!

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