Sex, Sex, Sex!

Mar 27, 2013 by

By Lisa Campion

(Now that got your attention, didn’t it?)

Well, my month of Yin is almost over. What a great experiment that was! I feel all juicy, full and ready to rock and roll. I have new programs in the works, and new projects galore. I feel much, much better!

One of my favorite and most yummy yin experiences was to reconnect to my own sensuality and sexuality. A very Yin pastime! I sure like sex. I know this might be a great shock to you all. Ok, who are we kidding, if you know me at all, you know that is true about me. I have just always been that way.

Here are some things that you might not know about me.

  • I write erotica
  • I study tantra
  • I am going to be teaching a teleclass this summer on Liberating Your Sexuality


Why the focus on sex? I really believe that sex is a powerful agent for change and transformation in our lives. I believe that loving, heartful, soulful sex is a gateway to enlightenment.


I believe that LOVE, SEX and INTIMACY are pathways home to the divine and a way to connect with our souls as well as our partners.


Deep sex opens you. Opens your body, your heart and your mind. It has for me. Some of my greatest mystical experiences have been through deep love and sex. It gets me there faster then anything else.



Sex is spiritual practice.

Sometimes it’s a solo practice! And that is beautiful too.

The problem is that we get all knotted up about our sexuality. Even in our “advanced” culture, there is a lot of pressure to REPRESS and DENY our natural sexuality. All of us do this in some way, we are taught as children by our parents, our religions and through our tribal laws to repress, deny, to force this energy to either shut down completely or run through the shadow channels.

Sex can be either sacred or profane. Repression, guilt and shame blocks this energy and creates shadow expressions of it. These shadows are what gives sex a bad name.


I would love to create another sexual liberation in the world. Perhaps it is because I am a child of the 60′s, which was one of the biggest sexual liberations in history and I was born into that energy. But it feels like a calling for me.

What would it be like to liberate your sexual energy? And what does that even mean? I think people are afraid everyone would become ravening nymphomaniacs and we would all hump indiscriminately like bunnies. But your sexual energy is not just about humping. (Although humping can be pretty fun, granted…)


It’s your life force energy.

It’s your Kundalini energy.

It’s your pleasure and joy of living.

It’s ecstatic.

It’s opening to deep expressions of emotions and feelings.

It’s your creative energy.

And it can be your greatest spiritual energy.


Liberating it doesn’t mean you become a mindless sex machine. (Unless that is what you want to do… ) It means you can unlock this VAST source of raw power that you can harness to do whatever you want.

You could use that energy to run a marathon. Or go to graduate school. To write a book, climb a mountain, start a company, create a baby, cure the common cold or save the world.


And you would have so much more fun doing it. When we unlock this type of energy, everything is more fun. Pleasure is everywhere. This is the big secret THEY didn’t want you to know. When people get sexually liberated, we get happy, we get powerful and we get unstoppable. And we live in a state of joy while we become the most powerful manifesters ever.

Wouldn’t that be cool?

Stay tuned for more info about my upcoming summer class on Liberating Your Sexual Energy. Woo Hoo!


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