Sudden Psychic Openings (SPO’s)

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So many people that I know are going through spontaneous psychic openings. These happen when the conditions are just right and your psychic ability pops open very quickly. This can be wonderful, amazing and magical or it can feel like a frightening and overwhelming breakdown.


Maybe a little of both.


I See dead People

It’s like one day you are minding your own beeswax, being a (relatively) normal person and the next day it’s all “I see dead people.” Or fairies are swarming in your garden. Or you can suddenly see, feel and hear everything that everyone around you is thinking.


One of my students described it as stumbling around in a dark room for a long time with only a candle and then someone unexpectedly throws the overhead lights on and you can’t really take in that the room is filled with all kinds of crazy stuff! (OMG there is a couch over there! Gasp!)


Except in this analogy, the couch has a ghost sitting on it. Or an angel hiding behind it.


A SPO happens most often to folks that have a ton of latent psychic ability anyways and something will trigger them into a massive and quick opening.


Maybe it’s just a smack from the Cosmic Two By Four.


Or the fact that lots of people are getting caught up in the general expanded consciousness of The Shift. The Shift is real and many people have come here to this planet at this time in the course of human evolution to be a part of this expanding wave of consciousness. More and more people are waking up. And their psychic is waking up right along with the rest of them.


And of course things like yoga, Reiki and meditation also open up our psychic channels in such a powerful way. Back in the day, those things were only available to initiates of Mystery Schools. It was secret, hidden knowledge that is designed to open up your consciousness. And it’s now available on every street corner.


Which is totally cool. And also responsible for a lot of SPO’s.


If you are having an SPO you are probably:

· Freaking out

· Thinking you are crazy

· Worried that other people think you are crazy

· Overwhelmed with psychic activity that you have no context for understanding

· Oh yeah. And freaking out.


If this is you then congratulations and I am sorry.


The good news is that you can do some things to get help and make it all be ok. The first thing is to remember that if you have The Gift, it really is a gift. We have these talents and abilities for a reason that is way more meaningful than just to torture us. We need those gifts to fulfill our life’s purpose of helping others in whatever unique way that we are meant to.


Purple Smoke HeadI highly recommend that you get some support and help. These are some things that I think help.


· Do your grounding practices everyday. Whatever works for you- be committed. Grounding will help move the energy out of the upper chakras where it collects and causes problems if we don’t ground it.


· Get help. Work with a healer to help ground and move your energy.


· Find a reputable teacher to work with. Knowledge will help you access your power in the right way and find that off and on switch.


· Study a little metaphysics to give you a spiritual context in which to make sense of it all.


· Try and lighten up about it- mostly I get through these things by having a good sense of humor about it all. It’s a good antidote for freaking out.


Like maybe there are some cool things you can do with that shiz. Play the lottery or pass super secret coded messages to your other telepathic friends thereby cutting down on your phone bill.


Or the ever-popular psychic party trick of intuiting what color underwear your friends are wearing and then outing them in public. (Wonder woman underwear! I knew it!)


Just kidding with those things.


Of course we all need to use our massive psychic chops with utmost ethical integrity, but once you get over the shock of it, is it pretty cool to have super powers, right?


And try to remember that if you are having a big psychic opening that there is a reason your gifts are coming online and that maybe your life purpose is to be a healer or helper in some way. You came here to save the planet in some way with your massive psychic mojo. And lord knows we need it!


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