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The best healing happens when you are very grounded and fully present, with your complete awareness focused on your client in the present moment. Then you open your heart to compassion and healing happens.


Truthfully, this is the main ingredient for all healing. When you can do this, the modality that you are using is just the delivery mechanism for your real healing mojo- deep presence and universal love and compassion. All healers in any modality need to learn this. It doesn’t matter if you are doing Reiki, counseling, or voodoo.


Fully grounded, heart opened presence is the one and only magic ingredient for healing. And this energy actually transmutes suffering. Takes it right out of the world.


Reiki is a great modality for doing this, but your Reiki won’t be effective if you are not grounded and heart opened.


On top of this, it’s not safe for you or your client to doing Reiki if you are checked out, dissociated and not present. You wouldn’t feel or be safe either if you were working with a therapist, let’s say, who was totally checked out and dissociated during your session, would you?


When you are grounded and heart opened you make it safe for your clients to open up and go deep into their process. Your clients will all unconsciously feel you out to see how grounded, safe and open you really are. They will modify how deeply they will let go and release based on your ability to hold a safe and sacred space for them.


This is the real reason some healers have a huge line out the door with clients waiting to see them and other healers are home twiddling their thumbs with no clients at all.


Learning presence is tough. It takes practice to be fully grounded and keep your heart open in compassion no matter what is going on in your client. I have had to learn over the years how to do this. Sometimes people’s stories and traumas are so horrible it knocks me off my center and really rings my bell.


Because I have had a lot of practice doing this, I have learned some great techniques for this “holding space” thing. And it really starts with being fully grounded. This is what I have learned to do.


• Push your feet into the floor and press your spine back into your chair.

• Feel the long bones of your legs and spine. Feeling our bones helps us ground, they are the solid parts of us.

• Breathe light into the top of your head, filling yourself up with light.

• Draw this light into your heart and belly and then exhale it down your legs into the ground, this will help keep you grounded.

• Then open your heart wide. I imagine it opening so big that you could fit that person and their trauma right inside it. Make it so big you can fit the whole world in your heart.

• Keep breathing. Breathe in the light and ground it. And exhale out compassion.


This is what Jesus teaches about the Sacred Heart. Our hearts are pierced open by the sword of suffering, grief and loss. And through this pierced open heart, the flame of divine love comes through. This divine love- called compassion, actually transmutes suffering. What a miracle!


This always works for me. It makes my heart ache sometimes, to stay full present to the suffering of another person, but I also know that it helps.
This is it. This is what healing really is.

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