The Gift of Empathy

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Dear Friends, there is so much going on in my life right now that it would take a few blogs just to get you all caught up. There has been some challenges for sure, but mostly it’s good stuff! Change and progress a plenty.

I am very excited about two new projects that I would like to share with you. First of all, I am spent the past few months furiously book writing. I am writing a book called “The Gift of Empathy” and it’s everything that I know about how to understand and master the gift of empathy. I feel totally passionate about bringing this information out into the world since I struggled and suffered so much on my own.

Recently I was working with a wonderful healer. She is one of my Reiki students and is a very gifted energy healer. She felt called to take her work to hospices and help people who are dying and their families. Amazing, right?

She called me and said that she was sick and feeling in deeply burned mode. Her thyroid was off and she was exhausted and suffering from digestive problems and adrenal fatigue. She was desperate and in bad shape.

“Lisa, I love the work I do, I truly love it. And I know I am good at it, but it’s killing me. I come home from a case and I am wiped out. I get migraines all the time and my joints are really swollen. The doctors tell me its fibromyalgia. The exhaustion is so bad that I can’t get off the couch for a few days.”

I made some sympathetic noises.

She continued. “I can’t do that! I have a life. I have kids and a husband who need me too and I feel terrible that I can’t show up for them right now. The job is just sucking me dry. I am afraid that I might be getting really sick.”

“I know how tough it is when you are sensitive. When we are called to serve as healers , it always puts us right in the line of fire.”

“Tell me about it,” she said. “Being in the hospital or nursing home is very hard for me. And I can’t process all the feelings that are coming at me. I just suck up all the pain and misery that everyone else is feeling and when you are working with people who are dying there is plenty of that to go around. It seems like I feel everyone’s feelings for them.”

She heaved a big sigh on the phone and continued.

“The worst thing is that I don’t know anyone else to talk to about this. It’s not like you can just explain this to everyone. I feel like suck a freak, like there is really something wrong with me. Yesterday I actually wondered if I was going crazy.”

“You are not crazy,” I reassured her. “You would be surprised how many people are empaths like you. It’s a big club to belong to.”

“Ugh, can’t I just turn it off? I know you say it’s a gift, but honestly it feels like a huge curse. I think I am going to have to quit my job! I can’t keep doing this. What should I do?”

I knew I could help her. What a crime it would be for this amazing healer to have to give up her career as a healer because she couldn’t manage her empathy. The world needs all the healers it can get. We had to get her healthy, off the couch and back in action.

So she and I worked together for a few months, going through the same process that I am going to share with you in this book. I helped her in two ways. The first way brings immediate relief and that is learning the basics of how to manage your energy field. These steps are simple, easily learned and very effective. Practicing the grounding, clearing and shielding meditations and exercises seals up your energy field and helps you feel better right away.

I taught her how to ground herself more and stay in her body while she was working. And how to clear the leftover emotions that she picked up from other people so that she didn’t have to carry them in her body. She learned how to replenish and refill herself. And how to tighten up her boundaries so she had better shielding.

The second way we tackle the tougher stuff, working at a deeper psychological level to help her manage her past wounds, her boundaries and her relationships. Learning how to say no and not over-giving was a crucial step for her. Ultimately, she learned to nourish and nurture herself the same way that she does with her clients so that her inner well of energy was always full. In this way, giving to others becomes a joy and a deep part of our life’s purpose.

A few months later she called me full of joy and life. She had been promoted as a full time hospice worker and had a rich caseload of hospice patients and their families. She felt strong, dynamic and that her job was giving her life instead of sucking it out of her.

I knew then that my mission was to help people just like her, just like you. This is what I feel called to do. All empaths are drawn to helping, healing and service work, and that often puts us right in the line of fire, and that can be really challenging. My calling is to help people just like YOU step into your power by learning how to master your empathy so that you can go do your work in the world, too.

You know- healing the planet – one person at a time.

I had to learn this stuff the School of Hard Knocks way. I spent the first twenty years of my life trying to turn down my sensitivity. First, learned how to managing it then finally how to master it. And I can help you get there too. That is my mission.

Here is what I really want you to know:

* You are not alone! There are many of us empaths out there.

• Also, you are not broken or crazy, even if sometimes you feel that way.

• All empaths are psychic and that is part of the gift. It just means you need some training.

• Empathy is a gift, not a curse, and there is an important reason that you have it.

• Your gift of empathy is part of your life’s purpose since all empaths are meant to be healers, helpers and service providers.

• The sensitivities that you have are the perfect diagnostic tools that you need to be a healer. It’s like having built in x-ray vision.

• There is a really important reason why you are an empath, and the world needs you to get powered up since we are all here to help heal the planet.

• There are three types of empaths, each with their own gifts and challenges.

And there my friends is an piece from the introduction to my book. If you feel so inspired, I would love your support so I can buckle down and finish the book at the same time that the documentary that I am working on also wraps up.

I have an Indiegogo campaign running right now if you feel like supporting this project, that would be great!

More on the documentary next time! (It’s going GREAT though and is very fun and exciting…)

Xoxoxox – Lisa

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