The Gospel According to Lisa

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By Lisa Campion

Someone recently asked my what it was I liked about being a psychic. Granted it is an unusual and interesting job.  I get to keep my own hours, meet really interesting people and meddle in the affairs of angels and demons. (Not ACTUAL demons…just sometimes the scary parts of people-!)

Plus it’s always interesting small talk conversation. The other day, I was at my daughter’s Girl Scout meeting, talking to other suburban moms.

“What do you do for a living?” One of them asked me. She was perky.  Now I am a lot of things, but I was standing behind the door when they handed out perky.

“Talk to dead people.”

“Ummm…Really?” Perky looked a little nervous.

“Yep. Sometimes I do past life readings too. Or talk directly to your soul.  You talked to your soul lately?  You really should, I am sure it has something to say to you.  I can also take a peek into your future. The future is a tricky place, full of things like fate, free will, destiny and mysterious stuff like the hand of God.  I do lottery numbers too and find lost glasses and keys and stuff.  Also there are ghosts and entities and other shadowy things. I like that kind of thing, especially around this time of year when the veil between the worlds is thin.”

I stifled a cackle. Perky edged away from me.

“Ghosts are really everywhere, did you know? You probably have one at home in your basement right now.  World’s full of them.  I was just at a de-possession the other day. Fascinating stuff, meeting the Prince of Lies in person and all. The Angels are more fun at a party though.   You get those shoes at TJMAXX?”

“Ummm… yeah.” Perky looked down at her feet.

“See?  Psychic!”

Ok, mostly that conversation just happens in my head, but it is funny trying to explain what I do.  Because I am basically a smart ass and the urge to mess with people is strong.

All kidding aside, when I really thought about what really draws me to my work I realized it’s the SOUL stuff that I really love. When I do readings, I do tend to look through the lens of the Soul, that is what I find fascinating about what I do. It affords me a chance to take a look under the hood and get a peak at someone’s soul. Wow. No wonder I can’t get enough.

I have always been fascinated by the concept of a soul. What is one?  Do we really all have them? What are supposed to do with them? Someone once described theirs as “itchy.” Hysterical.

So this is my theory about why we have souls and it is…

The Gospel According to Lisa

I am not sure I believe it a hundred percent. My theories on it change pretty much daily. So take it with a grain of salt, I certainly don’t expect YOU to believe it.  I just think it’s an interesting theory. Probably, it’s all tripe but I need something to work with.  Maybe if I write it on a scroll and bury it in the dessert it will be worth something in say, 3000 years.


You were one with God. What can I say about God? Pretty much nothing that hasn’t been said way better by people far wiser then I.  So I will fall back on the word “ineffable.” (Inherently mysterious and unknowable by us humans with our puny little neo-cortexes.) How can we hope to understand the infinite?  We can’t.  Sometimes on a good day, we can feel it in our hearts, but God is intrinsically a Mystery.  We all have our unique experiences of God and our own paths to get there too.

I usually perceive God as this flowing river of consciousness. And I am usually looking UP from a long way DOWN.  God is an infinite being of pure, potential, un-differentiated energy.  (Think on that awhile…) God being an unlimited being, needed an unlimited universe to put itself in. It wouldn’t FIT in a limited universe, right? So with a mere thought, God created the unlimited universe to live inside, mostly so it could experience itself.

Still with me?

So think about this, God needs a way to explore this groovy unlimited universe it just created, it’s a pretty big place after all. That is where YOU come in. One minute, you are one with the God consciousness, like a little droplet of water in a vast ocean, and then through magic and alchemy of the most holy kind YOU are born. Your soul pops out of the God Stream suddenly, you are a YOU. All the angels in heaven sing hosannas and halleluiahs and you have a host of angelic midwives to welcome you in.

The problem is that this birth doesn’t come without pain. Can you imagine being one with God and the next moment a little soul floating around the cosmos on all your own? That is a big ouchie.  I call it the Soul Wound and everyone has one that is pretty much unique to them.  We take on this wound in a different way. Some people get mad at God, or feel cast out and rejected.  Other people feel not good enough, abandoned or betrayed. It’s like a cocktail really, “I’ll have a the abandonment cocktail with a hint of unworthiness with a twist of betrayal.”   That is my personal drink right there.

What is your cocktail? Hint- look at your life and see what your major life issue is. Bingo!

The weight of this wound is literally dense enough so that it drops the vibration of the soul down to Soul World (AKA Heaven, Nirvana, Shambala, whatever you want to call the place you go when you are not HERE.) Once in Soul World we cluster with other souls who are also drinking our cocktail based on the universal Law of Resonance.  These groups become our soul families.

Now don’t be too depressed about this Soul Wound stuff, being born from God isn’t all bad.  We also get some cool stuff too, like our Divine Spark (the piece of God inside us) and our Mission, which is really just to express the Divine Spark in our own unique way here on earth.

The funny thing is that when we are in Soul World, we can’t do much about our wound. Soul World is all about concepts and thoughts.  We can explore the concept of love but we can’t really experience it.  You can see how this is a big deal if I use the analogy of sex. (You knew I would pull sex in somewhere…. Right?)

Think about the difference between the concept of sex and the experience of it. Reading about it, thinking about is not the same AT ALL as actually experiencing it.  You get where I am coming from?  This is why we want an actual body down here on earth. Cuz we want to DRINK the coffee, FEEL the sun on our skin and ENJOY the feeling of love, with the amazing miracle that is our nervous and sensate systems.

Yeah baby.  Earth and the body are prime real estate!

We take our cycle of incarnation, not only to spend some time on the party planet, but also in order to help us heal the soul wound and complete the mission.  For most of us, we can’t really feel what our mission is until we heal the wound ENOUGH to really have some space in our consciousness to pay attention to the mission.

So we have a pattern in our past lives, of course. Each one is an opportunity to heal the wound. If abandonment is our primary wound, you will get abandoned a lot in your lives. You also might be the abandoner.  We contract with our soul families to work these things out in our life times.

Eventually, we do heal the wound. I am not sure how long it takes.  10,000 life times?  I don’t know, that is what it feels like to me. When we do heal the wound, we know with every fiber of our being that even though we here on earth, we are STILL one with God, then we are done, we have reached enlightenment.  Yee haaaa!

At that point, our souls head back up to God, maybe doing a few bodhisattvas lifetimes on the way up there, and then our souls rejoin the God stream.  God takes what we learned in our 10,000 lifetimes of exploring this slice of the universe and God absorbs all that back in and evolves.


What a system.  And it brings up the whole crazy idea of soul mates, soul families and soul contracts. The souls families are all the people you have in your life times over and over again to help you work things out. We definitely have favorites, souls we are really fond of that we incarnate over and over with. It’s not really the smooshy, romantic ideal we have of these relationships. Mostly your soul mates are the people in your life that you can’t get rid of.  Your ex, your in-laws, your parents, children and spouses. Even our archenemies and nemesis are our soul mates.  We only entrust our hardest lessons to our most beloved soul mates. Weird thought, eh?

So what about your soul?  Have you ever really felt your soul?  What does it feel like?  How do you know it’s there and what it wants?

I know you have felt it. Like God, you are never really going to understand it with your mind, it’s a feeling and our feelings are the language of our soul.

You have felt it when everything in you is totally aligned and you feel at peace. Maybe after you have done yoga, or gone for a run.

You have seen it in a picture someone took of you, when you were totally unselfconsciously smiling.

You WERE it when you were a child of about two years old before that pesky personality kicked in. You know that part of you that your grandmother sees in you when she says “You haven’t changed since you where two years old!” That is it.

It’s the part of you that your friends love, they see it shining through the crap on the surface that tries to cover it up. It’s why they love you and why they put up with the less sparkly parts of you.

You feel it when you look into the eyes of someone you love and your heart swells with joy. In fact JOY is your natural state of being for your soul so every time you feel joy, you are feeling your soul.

Your soul shines through you when you live in compassion and care about others more then yourself.

It comes out in the midst of a passionate love affair, or the throws of physical ecstasy.  (Hey wanna feel my Soul? Tee hee…)

The passion of a creative endeavor also is a portal for your soul. It shines through when you are dancing, singing, painting, drawing or whatever your art form is. Your passionate creative is your God Spark, God The Creator, made us in his image and we are also creators. So we feel our souls and The Spark when we create something, anything, from a baby to a business proposal.

We see it in nature, in the colors of a sunset, the stillness of dawn, the dynamic energy of a waterfall or a beach.

I feel mine everyday when I meditate, do my yoga sadhna, or work with clients, or hang with my kids, or water my garden. Or when the Pats win with a hard defensive stop in the red zone with 30 seconds left in the game. AMEN!

Now you are remembering what yours feel yours right?  It’s good to talk to your soul everyday, it’s your best guide ever!

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