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Hey everyone, just wanted to let you know that we are beginning to film our documentary “The Karma Doctors.” The documentary follows two healers, John Wyrick and I as we work over someone’s karma. In this case, we are working on clearing someone’s money karma, but hopefully the series will carry on and we will be working with other clients and other issues.

John is a genius and the best healer that I know. He is also one of my dearest friends. My pal Skip Shea is at the helm as director, and we are grateful and lucky to have him. Skip is an award winning horror movie director and we share a love of that genre. And many thanks to our guinea pig Doug. What a brave soul to let John and I work over his karma on camera!


So far it’s been really fun! We will be screening the documentary at some point, but also shopping it around as a TV pilot. My greatest desire would be to see it land on a network like OWN where we could so a TV series about healing and healers.


Mostly if I tell people that I am a healer, they really have no idea what that means. It conjures up weird images of faith healers and witch doctors from the movies and the word/concept doesn’t have a solid place in the 21st century. Our goal is to change that and let the viewing public see what healing really is and how it can help just about everyone. Of course I am an hands-on energy healer and a psychic, but I would love to feature many different modalities, like acupuncture, Chinese medicine, Reiki, shamanic healing and anything else that I can think of.


Big dreams right?


Well it all starts next week as we begin our filming. Gratitude to a few of my clients who have agreed to be on camera as part of the “B Reel.” Those are the background shots you see of people coming and going. It’s fun!


And yet, I confess to being a little nervous.


What if I suck?


What if my head explodes. It could happen.

What if I can’t do my thing on camera? I might freeze and stare blankly into the camera with a little drool coming out of my mouth. Then I would hiccup, sneeze and fart all the same time. And then my head
would explode under all that pressure. (Although if that happens, I hope the cameras are rolling and then Skip can use it in one of his horror movies… That would be cool.)


What if I look fat?- You do on camera…


What if I have a zit? (I haven’t had one in like 35 years, but I MIGHT get one!)


What if people hate it and I get haters? It’s a very controversial subject and I am used to be shunned at times for being a psychic and living rather out of the broom closet already.


What if people throw rocks at me as I walk down the street?




It’s stepping out of my comfort zone for sure and owning what I do in a bigger way then I ever have. Fortunately the fears seems to be taking a back seat to the excitement at least for now. (Talk to me on filming day and we’ll see how I feel about it…) Because here is the flip side to fear.

What if I knock it out of the park?


What if people love it?


What if that makes it 100x easier to publish my book? And the books coming after that?


What if Oprah loves it and we get a TV series. And then I can move to Hawaii for real as well as doing my bit to save the world.


What if it does what I hope to and this work helps to educate people about healing. Then a lot of people get the help they need to feel better and live happier lives?


What if it brings this message out to huge number of people?


What if?


You never know if you don’t try.


Luckily for me, everyone involved are all people that I know, love and feel very comfortable in front of. We were all sitting around at a “production meeting” last week, chowing down dinner in a Brazilian steak house, and just enjoying each other’s company. I thought, “This will work because we all get each other and really like each other.” There is a synergy here.


Skip, bless his heart, has already told me to relax that he will take care of everything. Making us all look good (in every way) is his brand of magic.


The fact is that I have already been on camera a lot and am blessed with confidence and good genes that make me rather photogenic. (Thanks mom and dad… xoxoxoxo) The last time I filmed something, (which was for a really big network) I was REALLY nervous five minutes before everything started and then once things got rolling, not nervous at all. Fearless really. So I am counting on that, and the deep faith that I have that we are ALL blessed with the talents and gifts that we need to complete our life’s purpose.




It’s all about being seen, I get that. Being seen more deeply and by more people then ever before. Exiting. Terrifying. Exciting.


If you want to be a part of the filming and you’re Reiki trained, then come on down to my Reiki Continuing Ed class on Tuesday night. Skip will be there filming me teaching and us all doing some energy work. And it will be a cool class too.


Wish us all luck and I will keep you updated!






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