The Miracle of Reiki

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Reiki is a miracle. I have been teaching Reiki for over 15 years now and really believe that Reiki changes lives and creates miracles. Reiki is so easy, you can learn it very quickly and you don’t have to be anyone “special” to do it. (Of course you are all special anyways!)


Many years ago, I had a friend whose five-year-old little boy was in the hospital sick with leukemia. I went to visit her and so wanted to help her and her son. The best thing that I could think of was to teach her a quick and dirty version of Reiki. I gave her the Reiki 1 attunement and taught her some easy hand positions for her self and for her son. I spent maybe an hour doing it and then I left.


When I came back a few days later she was a Reiki machine. She was doing Reiki on her son, the kid in the bed next to her son, the parent of that kid and all the nurses that came through. In the quiet moments of the night, she would do Reiki on herself and pray too.


Her son got better and is a handsome, healthy, strapping young lad now, the same age as my son. And I know Reiki helped her get through that time. It gave her something to do, it helped her feel empowered in a tough situation and of course the energy of Reiki helped everyone to do some healing too.



That is a miracle.



She didn’t have time to spend three years in energy medicine school, she needed something she could do right then and right there. She told me that she loved how hot her hands got, because then she knew it was working. No one could deny it, not even her skeptical husband, who also felt better after her Reiki treatments.


“I didn’t even know what I was doing, I just slapped my hands on people where ever I could and then I would feel the heat pouring out and everyone got very relaxed and happy after that.”


And she didn’t have to know because Reiki flows, easily and naturally to where ever it needs to go. And because Reiki is so intuitive and actually opens your intuition even more, she just loosened up and followed her intuition and it was good.


Now she is a Reiki Master and works in a hospital volunteering Reiki for people in the hospital. It gave her a purpose, and I know she is a like an angel in that hospital, where she also teaches Reiki to the staff. She is just spreading the love around.



What a miracle!



The Biggest Miracle – SELF HEALING


Reiki is the only energy work modality that I know that teaches self-healing techniques. I think that is crazy, but it’s true. I have studied many energy medicine and healing techniques in the thirty years that I have been working as a healer and Reiki is one of the very few modalities that teaches self-healing techniques.


Of all of the miracles of Reiki, self-healing is the biggest. Once you know Reiki, you should taking advantage of that and doing self-healing treatments every day. Self-healing, is simple, easy to do and will have a huge impact on your life and also your ability to do Reiki. It just means doing Reiki on yourself!


You can do self-healing when you are falling asleep in bed or even while you are watching TV. Sometimes I do Reiki on myself with one hand while I am driving. Any chance I get where I can sit quietly, how easy it is to just put my hands on myself and flow a little love my own way.


I also do Reiki on myself when I am meditating and find that it deepens my meditations considerably.


It’s quite amazing and beneficial to do self-healing. It’s a beautiful form of self love, since Reiki is unconditional love, what better can you do for yourself then to give some to yourself.


And there is nothing better that you can do to strengthen your own Reiki. People often ask me how to make their Reiki “stronger” and there are a few powerful things that you can do to help this, but self-healing is at the top of the list for sure.


Self-healing is wonderful for:


· Energy depletion


· Insomnia


· Depression


· Anxiety


· Chronic Pain


· Emotional upset


· Whatever else ails you!


So if you haven’t already benefited from the miracle of Reiki and self-healing, it’s time to jump on that bandwagon!


AND if you are ready to get in on the miracle, here is my new Reiki II class starting in January!



Reiki on!



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