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By Lisa Campion

I have the weirdest dreams ever! I love dreams and dream interpretation, it’s such a wonderful peak into the weird secret passageways of my psyche. Dreamwork is an incredibly powerful tool for psychics.   This is something that I will be teaching in my all new Psychic Development Mastery class. (Coming soon!)

Dreams are a gateway into the mysterious psychic worlds that inhabit our own fertile subconscious. Well…. At least mine is fertile. It’s also bizarre, weird, rich with image and symbolism, slightly scary and rather amusing too.

I have always been fascinated with my dreams. For as long as I can remember, I have been a dreamer. I remember my dreams every night. I also have lucid dreams and always have. I have many recurring dreams and sadly, I have been plagued by nightmares my entire life.

The downside of dreaming is that I usually don’t sleep that well. And when I finally do, my dream life is off the charts. My bizarro, recurring dreams contain landscapes and places that don’t exist on this planet at all. I am not sure where I go, but it’s very consistent. I dream those same off-world places over and over again. Wherever it is, it has some really interesting inhabitants and physics that would blow poor old Newton’s mind.

I love epic fight, chase, action movie dreams. I make a pretty good James Bond, at least when I am asleep. Those are fun.

But the fun ones are often balanced by demon haunted nightmares, which I wake from literally sweating and shaking. Sometimes my dreams are about stuff that is so silly and weird that I get out of bed early just to knock that stuff off and get on with my day.

So what’s up with all the dreaming?

I think it’s a side effect of all the psychic work that I do. The more psychic work I do, the weirder, lucid and more Technicolor the dreams are. I hear this same story from other psychics too. I read recently that doing psychic work and spiritual practice activates the pineal gland and that is the one in charge of both psychic vision and dreaming. I can’t take melatonin at night for that reason, it amps all that up way too much, since it stimulates the pineal gland.

The dream world is the swampy backwater neighborhood in your psyche. It’s full of unprocessed emotions, unhealed trauma and the split off and rejected parts of yourself. The animal self lives back there, underground. It’s how we access our internal underworld, the world of symbolism and archetypes, where everything has meaning.

And I LOVE that old, creepy stuff! I love haunted houses, gothic horror tales, ghost stories and cemeteries too. The dream world falls right into that category. I love it, respect it and sometimes fear it. But I always honor its wisdom, which is ancient and powerful.

Remember that old movie franchise, “The Nightmare On Elm Street?” That scared the stuffing out me when I was a kid. It sort of happened to me every night anyways so it seemed rather plausible. Some evil dude really could dreamstalk you and kill you in your sleep. Why not?

And I loved the dream within a dream concept in the movie “Inception.” I have mornings where I think I wake up and think I am walking around doing my morning thing only to realize that I am still sleeping and dreaming. I have had the multiple wake up but I am still dreaming experiences many times.

Recently I dreamt I went to work in my jammies and spent the whole dream trying to figure out if I was awake or asleep. I was even pinching myself in my dream to see if I was awake. Fortunately, I was dreaming and so spared my clients the sight of me showing up for work in my Sponge Bob jammies.

Even though I struggle for a good night’s sleep, I still love my dreams. Dream analysis is so fun, and I love to analyze mine and other people’s too. It’s not too hard to learn dream analysis and it’s very useful.

Here is a peek into the twisted byways of one of mine.

My lucid dreaming capacity is such that I can actually interpret my dreams as I am dreaming them, which is a very odd experience. When I lucid dream, I am dreaming and also experience myself as an observer, watching dream. From that perspective, I can control them, change them, stop them, and rewrite them. And even analyze them while I am having them.

I dreamt that I was driving my car. It was nighttime and my van was full of my kids and their friends. I was driving down a dark road and I had the headlights off.

Driving at night means traveling through my subconscious. Lights out means I am unconscious so I am moving through my life driving blind as it were. I think I do that a lot!

I snap the headlights on and they illuminate a long way into the distance.

I can actually see pretty well if I am paying attention! Consciousness illuminates.

In the lights, I see the silhouettes of lots of weird beasties, animals and children. It was like a scene from “Where the Wild Things Are.”

They are the denizens of my subconscious. I love them! They child selves and the animalistic part of me. The real Wild Things. They are a lot more fun then I am.

Suddenly a small child is right in front of my car. I can’t stop and run the child over. (Don’t worry, no actual small children were harmed in the making of this dream!) I jump out of the car and run over, horrified.

The dream switches to a cartoonish feeling, like an old Road Runner cartoon. The child looks at me with reproach. She says, “Jeeze lady, look where you are going!”

I know that everyone in the dream is an aspect of me. So the child is me. My inner child. I RAN OVER my own inner child by being unconscious and driving without my lights on. Sheesh. How many times in my life have I done that!

In my dream the penny drops and I know it’s my own inner child. “Huh” I said. “Sorry little dude, I didn’t mean to run you over, what am I being unconscious about?”

She gives me a piece of her mind about a few things, a situation in which I had abandoned myself, ignored my tender feelings and charged ahead unconsciously.

“So” I said, ” I have literally thrown myself under the bus. Well, minivan. But close enough.”

“Yuppers” replied the child. “You gotta watch out for that, lady. You do it all the time.”

“I promise I will do my best,” I answered. In the dream, I felt a swell of appreciation for my own system giving me this feedback. I realized now that I was getting the message from my feelings ALL ALONG but kept choosing to ignore it.

“Sure thing lady, but don’t forget! We are all pulling for you in here and we can help if you let us.” The child swept her arm out indicating the Wild Things. “Even though you are not too bright sometimes, we know you mean well.” Then she got up, unharmed and sprinted off, giving me a kiss on the check before disappearing.

That’s when my alarm rang.

I sat up in bed with my journal and had a long hard think about what that meant, and what I should do about it. I took the message to heart.

This is the power of dreams! I would like to hope that I would have figured that out sooner or later anyways, but I think the message came through loud and clear in the dream. It’s a huge and rich way to access the deepest parts of ourselves. The good news is that you can learn to remember your dreams even if you don’t now. You can learn to lucid dream too. I will be covering that, plus the three different types of dreams in my new psychic class development class. Coming soon!

In the meantime, see you in the dream world!


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