Call me Cleopatra

Call me Cleopatra cuz I am the queen of denial!  I am pretty sure that is a country music song. I actually like country music (don’t tell anyone!) it has so much pathos and feeling in it. OK, I like Football AND country music, but there is a rational explanation, I assure you. How I learned to like it is a sort of interesting story.  I spent a lot of time in my younger years living overseas. I lived for almost three years in Japan and also for three years in Germany.  When I lived in Japan, I taught English in an all girl’s catholic high school and lived in a very small apartment with my new husband.  We had satellite TV and the only station we could get was the Armed Forces Network.

What do they play on the AFN TV?  Football!  Every single game, all week long.  I was a Cowboys fan. (Shhh!!!  Really don’t tell anyone!)  I watched it since it was the only thing on TV in English. And as bizarre and entertaining as Japanese television is, sometimes I wanted to actually hear some English.   Same thing with the radio. If you live overseas, the only game in town is the Armed Forces Radio Network and they play country music pretty much 24/7.

So that is how I know that the Cleopatra is the queen of denial, the Cowboys are good and Country music rules. God Bless America!

Denial is a very powerful thing, sort of like gravity.  It’s the glue that holds this country together.  The shadow side of our western culture is all about denial, we are pros at denying most of the juicy stuff that makes us human.  (I blame the Puritans.  Sheesh! What a pack of killjoys!  )

The good news is that I think we are on a huge breakthrough right now in our country. We have been working for years to bring things out into the light of day and out of the twilight zone of denial.  I see us all on the brink of what might quite literally be a life or death breakthrough based on the denial of un-consciousness and the light of consciousness.

A lot of people ask me to use my psychic abilities to predict which way the election is going to go. I can honestly say that I don’t know.  It feels different every day that I tune in to it and a lot depends on what will happen in the world in the next few weeks.

But I will say this. There are two platforms running. One is based on change and the other is based on things remaining the same and supporting the status quo. The problem with the change platform is that in order to want to change something, you must first admit that there is something WRONG.  To me, this is a no-brainer. Pretty much everything is wrong right now and we need a massive course correction or we are going to pull a Titanic and this ship is going to sink.

But plenty of people can’t jump on the change platform.  Maybe they are in the 1% that is actually profiting and benefiting from the way things are now. But mostly I think it is because people are fundamentally afraid of change. It’s hard to change. It’s hard to let go and jump into the icy waters of the unknown.

The Status Quo Guy is banking on your fear of change. His whole shtick goes like this:  “There is nothing to see here, nothing is wrong with this great nation of ours. Everything is fine!  Go back to your normal life!  There is no such thing as global warming, who told you that?!  Don’t worry now, life will continue on in the same way you have always known it. Now go back to sleep, yes that is right.  Isn’t American Idol on now?”

And we like that (some of us) because denial is like a big cozy blankie that holds off the yucky and scary monsters of CHANGE, CHOICE and RESPONSBILITY.

If we are going to survive as a culture (and maybe as a species) we need to lift off the Blankie of Denial and make some hard choices. We have to take responsibility for ourselves, each other and the environment. We have to grow up and act like adults.

Eeeek!  (Where is the remote? And can your pass the beer and chocolate?)

This kind of change will have to be pretty massive and pretty darn quick and it means letting go of some of the life style things we really like. Like SUV’s and shopping for fun, and disposable everything.  We might have to give up hoping and believing that other people can make great decisions for us and we don’t actually have to get empowered.  And I think we are have out grown the idea of   trusting the Government to be a good Mommy and Daddy who really do have our best interests at heart.

The funny thing is that many people, including me, are going through this same process on a personal level. It’s a remarkable pattern that I see where the macrocosm of the world is showing us what is happening on the inside of us too. It’s truly holographic and we are getting many chances to explore this on every level.

This is a subject that is near and dear to my heart, since consciousness vs unconsciousness it is the foundation and the back bone of what we teach in the Healer Training Programs. It is, after all, essentially a Mystery School and Mystery Schools have always been about bringing people into the light of consciousness and out of the shadow of ignorance and fear.

The New Agers like to call this time the Ascension Time and link it to 2012 and the rise of the 4th Dimension. I refer to it more as “Time To Grow Up.” Or in my more cynical moments, “Time to Put the Big Girl Panties On and Just Deal With It.”

As I move into my third year teaching in the Mystery School, I found myself having to grow up too!  Damn!  It was really hard and annoying and I probably had the most resistance I have ever had in my life around this stoopid CHOICE and RESPONSIBILITY crap.    It was amazing to me that even at my age, my inner child was still running the show so much of the time.  I kept waiting for someone to save me or discover me. (Oprah, here I come!)   Surely someone was going to show up at my house any minute and clean up, make dinner and then straighten out all the kinks in my life.  You know, solve my financial issues, discipline my kids, pay my taxes and floss my teeth too.

Then through absolute necessity and perhaps God’s grace  (OK!  I really had NO other choice, stupid life lessons and stupid Mystery School!)  I finally leaned into my Big Girl Panties philosophy and sucked it up.

What a relief!  I am where I am in all aspects of my life because I chose them!  When I remember my choices, I feel empowered, I have tons of energy for all the things I need to do.  I am doing this cuz I wanted to!  And mostly, I like my life and respect my own choices so there is no complaining needed with the new Big Girl Panties on.

I continue to have to deal with the shadow aspects of myself as they come up. When does the child still rule me? When do I fall into victim mode and forget that I chose something?  How do I still act as a victim and relinquish my power to someone else?  Where do I drop the ball and sabotage myself through laziness or lack of discipline and last but not least, under what circumstances am I willing to sell myself out?

Working with my shadow never ends, but with the Big Girl Panties on, I feel more empowered then ever. My sincerest hope for our country right now is that we can find the world’s largest pair of Big Girl Panties and Big Boy Pants (Maybe Walmart sells them?) so we can find our own choices and take responsibility for ourselves as a collective. Then we can get out from under the Blankie of Denial and hopefully ensure survival for the next generation.  In that case,  Da-Nile really is just a river in Egypt!


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