Donna Brockett

Growing up in an unstable home, I learned from a young age to hide my vulnerability and sensitivity to stay safe. I protected myself by appearing unemotional and by becoming invisible. I went through life unconsciously wearing this protective armour. On the inside, I felt a deep loneliness and a disconnection from others. I tried traditional therapy over the decades but it never seemed to get to the heart of the matter.

I followed my intuition and my heart, which led me to Energy Medicine School where I learned about the power of self-love. I slowly removed my armour and opened my heart. What I desired was to feel love and as my heart opened, I realized that “I am love”, “you are love” and that love can heal the world.

Using intuitive counseling and energy work, I compassionately nurture people to open their hearts to self-love… you know…the kind of love that makes us feel like we are all in this together. In my relationships I felt something was missing, a yearning for something more and I discovered that the missing piece was me. Not loving myself held me back from trusting love and fully letting others love me. I am a Full Spectrum Energy Healer trained at the Rhys Thomas Institute, a Reiki Practitioner, and a graduate of Lisa Campion’s Psychic Healer Academy. Let me help you open your heart and feel love.

  • Is your heart awake and open or is it broken?
  • Do you feel empty and ashamed for not really feeling love for others or yourself?
  • Do you feel worthy and able to truly receive love?

Imagine how you would feel if:

  • You felt fully and passionately connected to your heart and not living in your head
  • You were able to be completely vulnerable and ask for your wants and needs with those you love
  • You loved yourself fearlessly and trusted your own heart

If you are ready to take the journey to open and heal your heart, I can help!


**Zoom Sessions available