Located in Langley, WA

Jane Bear

I have spent my entire life searching for meaning. Ultimately, that meaning was found after a long journey of self-discovery and deep inner work. This work stripped me down to my essence. For the first time in my life…I knew myself. I learned how each experience helped fuel my work as a psychic and intuitive healer. I found myself deeply rooted in my being, strongly connected to spirit, and incredibly excited to serve in raising the collective consciousness.

I would love to work with you if…

  • You feel stuck, unhappy, or in need of clarity.
  • You want to feel closer to Spirit and to yourself.
  • You are ready to heal current or past trauma.
  • You are looking for more fulfillment and to cultivate passion, purpose & happiness in your life.

Using energy work and intuitive counseling, I am going to get you to a place where you feel…

  • Aligned with your authentic self.
  • Deeper self-love and connection to who you truly are.
  • More centered and ling from your heart.
  • Embodied with a clearer purpose.

It is my life’s work to guide humans who feel stuck and are seeking spiritual alignment toward reestablishing the connection to their authentic self, by using energy work and psychic intuition to heal themselves, so that together we can heal the world.  I can’t wait to work with you!

**IN Person and Zoom Sessions available