Lisa’s New Year’s Blog Quickie

No worries I am still working on my Sexplorations II Blog, but I thought I would throw in a New Year’s bloglet just for the occasion.

Happy New Year!

It’s been a funny couple of days for  me.  My prognostication abilities seem to be offline and that is somewhat disorienting for me.  I am used to knowing what is going to happen next, more or less and can usually feel things coming down the pike long before they get here. So flying blind is taking a little getting used to.

Looking into the future today, has been a little bit like looking into a blizzard. I see a whirling around of all the various possibilities all flying through the air at once. It’s like trying to read the cards when they are all “up in the air.” It can’t be done. It’s really very strange.

However, I am beginning to see a sliver lining here.  If I lean too heavily on what I see in the future, maybe it really limits me. Maybe I was only creating stuff I could see. Like a little personal psychic safety zone. I see it, I get used to the idea, it happens- no stress!

But what if the future is really wide open and I can create ANYTHING? Even possibilities that my tiny little mind can’t makeup?  Wow.

This, I realized, is the feeling of the truly open crown chakra. When we open up there, all things are possible and we look down on ourselves and see limitless possibilities.  That is how the world feels now!  The whole planet opened up the crown and now we can take in new energy and vision something new.

I think this has a lot to do with the new Presidential Administration coming in.  The Old School is leaving and no one (including our President Elect, I think) really knows what is going to happen next.

So if we have this giant gift of an opportunity, what are we going to create?
And what about you?  If you have the same blank slate, what would you create for yourself?

In my own life, I am challenged by wanting to hold onto what is familiar, what feels safe and the known. But I don’t feel solid ground under my feet.  I feel quicksand, the earth moving and the heavens whirling above me. Can I dare to let go of the box that I put around myself and dream a little bigger? Can I become even more comfortable with uncertainty?

We all feel fear in the face of the unknown, it’s just part of being human. But, it’s only a little tiny tweak to change the energy of FEAR into the energy of EXCITEMENT and I find if I can stay curious about what is going to happen next, I feel that excitement.

That and having faith.  Faith is a huge thing to lean on when we are in new territory. My soul and my guides say, “Relax!  There is a plan, even though you can’t see it and right now WE are driving and you are on a wild adventure. So enjoy it!”

My personality, who still has an agenda that the adventure be safe and cushy, mutters and mumbles and tries feebly to HOLD ON to what is known.

It doesn’t work. My soul responds, “Remember when you said that you would  surrender your will to God’s will?  This is it.” And it pries my fingers off the steering wheel.   And that is where FAITH comes in. I take a deep breath and let my faith take over. And then, the fear goes, and the wild adventure begins.

Luckily, I am blessed by people around me that dream big and offer me a lot support as I stretch into new territory. And I truly believe that this is a great time to hold a high vision of what you want in your life in the coming year. I don’t hold with New Year’s resolutions, I think they emanate from the critical part of us that always tells us we are not good enough. But I do think affirmations and visioning is a very good thing to do at the New Year.  So I invite you to sit down and draw out a vision of your life in 2009. Use bold and bright colors and don’t be afraid to dream big.

And let us all hold in our minds and our hearts a grand vision of a better world, full of peace and prosperity for all.

Welcome 2009!  Bring us all your changes, hope and optimism!