Work with one of my expert healers for insights and information that can help you make clearer choices, and come to a deeper understanding of yourself and your life.

These are highly qualified healers and have been through extensive training and certification through me.  Each healer is experienced in their own unique healing technique, while offering a different type of service to fit your needs.

I invite you to explore the opportunity of meeting and working with them.  The world needs all the healers it can get and I have some of the best on my team.


Jane Bear

Hi! My name is Jane Bear. I am a mama of two girls and wife to an incredible man. We live on Whidbey Island in Washington State. It is an incredibly beautiful life, but this life wasn’t always a part of the plan. Growing up in rural Minnesota, I craved adventure from an early age and spent years in search of something that felt much bigger than myself. My adventures led me through 29 moves, 6 states, and 5 continents, all in pursuit of two things: True Love and Spiritual Truth. I use this life experience as an Intuitive Energy Healer, specializing in Quantum Healing and reading on the soul level.

Gina Bellio

Gina Bellio is the owner of Gina Belle Wellness and a Psychic Aesthetician with a passion for uniting Inner and Outer Beauty.  She helps women who feel invisible and stagnant reconnect with their soul self so they can love the way they look and feel and let their Soul Beauty shine.  Gina developed “The Psychic Facial” and “The Soul Beauty Facial”, in-person or virtual spa treatments designed to give you an outer glow and a connection to your soul purpose.

Donna Brockett

Hi, I am Donna, and I am an intuitive energy healer on a mission to help you discover and heal your heart and fall in love with yourself.  If you are an empath or are just broken hearted, I can help. I am so glad that that you are here and I want to honor you and your journey. 

Joan Eaton

Hi, I’m Joan Eaton, intuitive guide, energy healer, kundalini yoga instructor, speech pathologist, and spiritual integrator.  I guide you toward uncovering and moving through blocks, whether emotional, physical, mental, or energetic that keep you from stepping into the fullness of who you are. 

Jill Marie Kelly

Hello! My name is Jill, and I am a Master Psychic Healer, using Reiki, Psychic, and Mediumship skills in my sessions bringing healing balance to your body while connecting you to spirit for your greatest good.  Mediumship and Psychic Work are both something I have done since I was a little girl. I have had a strong connection with the spirit world for as long as I can remember.

My readings include messages from spirits of past relatives, guardian spirits, animal spirits, spirit guides, angels and archangels. I have also interpreted signs, helped spirits cross over, and can read auras. I am a trained Reiki Practitioner, using Universal Lifeforce Energy to bring healing and wholeness to the client. I am able to sense the energy of people and spirits and use Reiki to facilitate healing. I am also a poet, a published author, teacher, singer, and musician.  

I would be honored to work with you.

Dina Bhadra Legari

Hello, my name is Bhadra and I’m an empath with natural intuitive abilities. I work with adolescents and adults as an intuitive coach and energy healer, helping them to obtain balance, learn to manage their sensitivity to energies, and uncover their true authentic selves.

For many years I struggled with managing my sensitivity and maintaining balance in my life. I often became overwhelmed, drained, stressed, and anxious without understanding why.  I learned to build up a wall between me and the world in an attempt to shield myself from the excess energies, emotions, and feelings I’d pick up on a daily basis. 

I didn’t embrace my sensitivity as a gift until much later in life. Now I realize how amazing and precious the gift of being an empath really is because I have the knowledge and tools to protect myself and manage these excess emotions and energies.

Debra Mills

Hi there! I’m Deb Mills.  I live on a small farm in Southern NH and have sheep, goats, chickens, etc., etc.!!! My family and I are working on being as self-sufficient as possible.  I also had a career as a Research Scientist in the area of Infectious Disease and Drug Discovery for 30 years! 

Who knew I’d find my way into the realm of Energy Medicine?  My journey has led me here and I want to share with you all I’ve learned along the way! My passion is to support people, just like you, who are ready to come out of their shell and find their true selves with love, compassion, and understanding. I create a safe space, where you will feel seen and heard, where you can be vulnerable and start breaking down the walls that are holding you back, so you can blossom and feel happiness, fulfilment, and purpose in your life.

Melissa O'Donnell

My name is Melissa, I’m a Master Psychic Healer and shamanic visionary. It is my calling to assist others on their journey of healing and personal transformation. I have a passion for seeking knowledge and spiritual alchemy. In my free time, I enjoy hiking with my pup, creating pastry masterpieces, and traveling on adventures with my partner.

Jules Pizla

I am a wounded healer and survivor of 30+ years of trauma. I have spent the last 13 years transmuting pain rooted in childhood, ancestral trauma, and past lifetimes that manifested into multiple illnesses, cancer, debilitating chronic pain, and a brain tumor that served as the catalyst to my Spiritual Awakening.

I am committed to self-transformation, self-love, self-devotion, and providing a safe space for profound healing as my clients create the most significant and harmonious transformation of their lives.

As an Underworld Healer, I specialize in Past Life Regressions, Soul Retrievals, Intrusion Extraction (entity removals), and Spiritual Surgeries. I am a professionally trained clairvoyant (clear perception), clairaudient (clear hearing), clairsentient (clear feeling), and claircognizant (clear knowing) channel. My focus is to transcend soul-based trauma while building a relationship with the inner child to nurture and ensure the soul feels safe to journey into deeper rooted causes of illness.