Melissa O'Donnell

My own journey of healing trauma and recovery from addiction began nearly ten years ago. I felt trapped and caged in the life that was my reality. In order to be who I thought the world wanted me to be, I turned off the light that shines brightly from within my soul. I’ve had to confront the shadows and traumas of my past and it was only when my life had been burned to the ground that I was able to break free of what was no longer working. I came out the other side of this dramatic transformation stronger, wiser, and more connected to the Divine.

It’s as if I was taken from the unfulfilling and tragic story of my life and placed into a completely different story, one of romance, success, and abundance. Today even on the hardest days, I live with deep gratitude for all the blessings and beauty around me. Now I bring the energy of the phoenix to others so that they can step out of the shadows and become a lighthouse for others.

And I want that joy, abundance, and liberation for you too.

Are you…

  • Feeling stuck and unsure of the next steps on your journey?
  • Having difficulty navigating change and stepping into your power?
  • Craving a deeper relationship with yourself, your intuitive abilities, and Spirit?

Through using my gifts as a psychic, channel, and shamanic healer, we will clear ancestral, karmic, and energetic blocks that are keeping you stuck. You’ll be given the tools and spiritual guidance to start manifesting a life that you design.

So that you feel…

  • Free to follow your dreams and build supportive loving relationships
  • Confident, calm, and grounded despite external challenges
  • In tune with your higher self and in a co-creative partnership with the Divine

I am excited to guide you on your own journey to self-love, fulfillment, and joy.


**Zoom Sessions available