By: Lisa Campion

Interested in purchasing a Gift certificate for a session, class, or other service from me.  Well your in the right place!  All session can be done (IN person, telephone or zoom) You can choose from:

  • A 60-minute private reading 
  • A 30 minute private reading
  • A 30 minute Reiki Attunement by phone
  • One of my one going classes?

Whatever it may be we can help you with your wish. You can directly purchase a reading or attunement from the menu below.  In the Comments/Special Delivery Instructions section of this order, please specify whether you prefer a hard copy certificate, or an electronic version which you can print.  Once you purchase my assistant will contact you to discuss any requests.  If you are interested in purchasing a class, please contact us by emailing [email protected]  We can help you through the process.

Additional information

One Hour Session

One Hour Session $250 USD

Half Hour Session

Half Hour Session $165 USD

Reiki level 1 or 2 Long Distance Attunement

Reiki level 1 or 2 Long Distance Attunement $165 USD