14 Sep

Essential Healing with Paul Aurand

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What if you could get the root of your  issues and heal the emotional scars of the past and develop profound inner peace and spiritual awareness?  Sometimes those roots are buried deep, even beyond our memory of them. But thankfully there is a way we can dig them up, even from our own subconscious. Join us as author and healer Paul Aurand shares with us the secrets of  profound inner healing using with innovative, hypnotherapy and regression-based practices. Deep within you resides a Paul_Aurand_Head_Shot_200x300jpg_782553476.jpggreat spirit—a place of profound wisdom, creativity, power, and love. But layers of hurt from early life, and from the defenses you’ve created to avoid further hurt, have accumulated and diminished that spirit over time—lifetimes, really—obscuring what is magnificent about you—your authentic self.

Paul Aurand is an award-winning master hypnotherapist who has worked in the field for more than thirty years. He survived being struck by lightning and had a transformative near-death experience (NDE) that he has integrated into his Essential Healing workshops, which he presents internationally. Aurand served as the first elected president of the Michael Newton Institute, and now serves as its director of education and lead trainer