22 Jun

Expand Your Spiritual Bandwidth with Charley Castex


Join us as we connect with acclaimed Psychic and Spiritual Guide, Charley Castex, as he takes us on a deep dive into DIY soul-craft. He shares his remarkable strategies for becoming empowered and staying sane are profound, practical and delivered with a healthy dose of humor.  He also shares some fun and easy to use techniques to  help you learn how to leverage your intuitive power and illuminate your mind, body and spirit.

Charley Castex is an acclaimed Psychic and Spiritual guide spotlighted by The New York Times, HuffPost, ABC and NBC news. Since 1995, Charley has guided tens of thousands across six continents, pairing his intuitive gift with his passion for empowering others to realize their spiritual potential. Charley resides in Asheville NC with his lovely wife Kathryn, his dream drum set and several gorgeous guitars.