12 Apr

Heal the People with Kristin Johnston

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The shift is happening and people are waking up and expanding their consciousness. We need guides during this like  artist, visionary and healer Kristin Johnston.  Kristin’s new book Heal the People is here to help!  Her work is all about assisting humanity during this crazy time of global awakening. Join us as we discuss how to follow a direct path to self-realization and human liberation by helping you understand how to truly be yourself by looking through the lens of the chakras and the personality profiles.

Kristin_Johnston_756699430.jpgKristin Johnston is an artist, visionary and an expert in the field of energy medicine.  Her mission is to help people expand their consciousness so they can awaken, heal, and create a life of meaning and purpose.  Kristin is a certified yoga teacher, hypnotist, reiki master, graduate of the Rhys Thomas Institute of Energy Medicine and founder of Quantum Health & Wellness in Seekonk Massachusetts