22 Feb

Holy Love with Elisa Romeo and Adam Foley

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Couples and families are facing the new and unprecedented challenge of sustaining intimacy through a time of extreme uncertainty. Since quarantine, divorce rates have skyrocketed globally. Yet, our deepest common human desire is to be met deeply, intimately and with unconditional love. Why is it, then, that what we most yearn for is one of the most elusive things to find and sustain?  Join us as authors Elisa Romeo and Adam Foley share how to create profound growth, fulfilling love, and radical self-discovery via a groundbreaking method designed to transform any relationship into a spiritual path of awakening.

Elisa_Romeo_and_Adam_Foley_Guest_2183_photo_200x250_930743580.jpgElisa Romeo, MFT, and Adam Foley are the authors of Holy Love: The Essential Guide to Soul-Fulfilling Relationships and cohosts of the Holy & Human Podcast.  Elisa is a licensed marriage and family therapist, an intuitive, and the author of Meet Your Soul. Adam is a certified somatic practitioner and yoga instructor who uses spiritual coaching, somatic healing, and his own intuitive abilities to connect people to their Soul. Together, they help individuals awaken and deepen their soulful nature within relationship.