15 Jun

Near Death Experience Reset with Wendy Rose Williams


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What if you could visit the Other Side long enough to get a total reset on your life. This is what happened to psychic healer and spiritual teacher Wendy Rose Williams. Back in 1997, she experienced two NDE’s that supplied her with three powerful pieces of information as to what her life would be like and her true life’s purpose if she chose to stay. Tune in and find out the wisdom she gained by meeting her angels and going home to the light.

WendyRoseWilliams_652133773.jpgWendy Rose Williams is a Past-Life Adventure Guide. She helps adults from around the world release pain, anxiety and depression. Wendy leads clients through a healing process via techniques she’s learned working with some of the world’s most renowned hypnotherapy experts, including Dr. Brian Weiss. People are finally able to start living this life with joy and purpose when they release the energy that does not serve them. Wendy is a Certified Spiritual Teacher, Reiki Master energy healer, host of the Waking Up Spiritually! podcast, and an award-winning author as well as hypnotherapist.