21 Sep

Optimizing Your Brain with Raffaele Gianfrancesco


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Is there a way to truly optimize your brain and recover from brain injuries too?  Neurofeedback can do this and it has done it for me!  I had a tough case of “brain fog” after recovering from COVID-19 and wasn’t sure how to get rid of my cloudy thinking and fatigue until my pal Raffaele Gianfrancesco let me try the NeurOptimal Neurofeedback and Brain Training System, which after a month of daily use totally cleared up my brain fog. Join in the discussion as we talk about how our brain works and how we can use neurofeedback to help with conditions such as concussions, TBI, PTSD and ADD. You can not only fix your brain but also optimize it for high performance, which I am also working on right now.

Raffaele Gianfrancesco has always been fascinated about people’s brains. Mostly because since he was a child, he was convinced everyone he met must have brain damage! Why else would they behave the way they do? A little experience and maturity taught him that we all have our moments (even Raffaele) and that further fascinated him and caused him to do a deep dive into what makes us tick. With a degree in Philosophy and three years of Energy Medicine/Mystery school under his belt he dug deep into his trauma filled childhood and came out with insights and information that allowed him to begin healing himself. Raffaele is passionate about sharing the brainwave technologies he works with every day and shows us how our brain waves shape our experience. The next step is to learn how we can shape our own brainwaves and that’s where things get fun!