07 Jun

Reclaiming Wellness with Jovanka Ciares

Many of the most popular approaches to mind, body, and spirit wellness are rooted in age-old practices from around the world and come from communities of color. But more often than not, they are primarily marketed to and used by the cultural elite. Join the conversations with certified wellness expert and author Jovanka Ciares as we discuss how to reclaim these time- and science-proven modalities and makes them easy to implement for all, regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, income, or social status.

Jovanka Ciares is the author of Reclaiming Wellness and several other titles. A certified wellness expert, integrative herbalist, nutrition educator, and coach, she offers lectures and workshops in Spanish and English. Ciares studied nutrition with bestselling author T. Colin Campbell, PhD, at his Center for Nutrition Studies (in partnership with Cornell University) and herbalism / plant medicine with Tieraona Low Dog, MD. A native of Puerto Rico, she lives in Los Angele