14 Dec

We’re Not Done Yet Pop with Joe McQuillen

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Joe McQuillen’s life was turned upside down when his son Christopher died suddenly in 2016. Joe wasn’t ready to accept a world without Christopher, he wanted to know where he went and what really happens when you die so he began to search for answers and found a way to communicate with Christopher through mediums and what he found changed his life forever. In his second book, We’re Not Done Yet, Pop: My Lessons from the Other Side, Christopher reveals more secrets about his story and what happens on the other side.

Joe_McQuillen_792469986.jpgJoe McQuillen, married and father of three children, one on the other side, is the youngest of 10 children from an Irish-Catholic family. Although he has had two successful careers, he is at heart a blue-collar kid from Buffalo, NY. Starting as a salesman, he spent 25 years in the automobile business, eventually becoming executive manager and partner in a number of successful Chicago dealerships. After selling out in 2009, Joe began a second, impressive  career as a mortgage broker. Among his many charitable associations, Joe sits on the board of ln Balance Ranch Academy, a boarding school dedicated to helping troubled teens with addiction. Following the loss of his son, he began running a charity golf outing to benefit both In Balance Ranch and Penguin Players, a theater troupe of disabled young adults.