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by Lisa Campion

Amit GoswamiJust a few days ago, I sat next to world famous quantum physicist, Amit Goswami at lunchtime. If you saw the movie, “What the Bleep Do We Know…” you have seen him! This movie might have been called Quantum Physics for Dummies and therefore was my cup of tea. (Check out his mind-blowing book, “The Self Aware Universe.”)

He looked very pleased with life although he didn’t say much. He had a happy “I understand the secrets of the universe, and I could tell you, if you were just a little bit smarter then your enchiladas, besides it’s all a glorious cosmic joke…” smile on his face. Or maybe he was just really digging his lunch. Which was indeed, enchiladas.

He had just given a wonderful lecture on the nature of the Life, the Universe and Everything Else, which basically is what quantum physics is all about.

Where in the world do psychics get to rub shoulders with world famous physicists? It was my new favorite place, the annual conference for the International Society for the Study of Subtle Energy and Energy Medicine. (Otherwise known as ISSSEEM.) It was the best conference I have ever been to and in many ways, it felt like coming home. Everyone there was either a scientist studying the human energy field, energy medicine or psychic phenom, or a practitioner of the above, so I felt quite at home.

You guys all know that as well as being a psychic, I am also an energy healer and the Dean of Students at an Energy Medicine school, right? (The Rhys Thomas Institute of Energy Medicine) The first person I met at the conference told me she had a doctorate in Energy Medicine. My jaw dropped and I said, “You can get one of those? Where???” (Holos University, in case you are in interested. See you there!)

On a personal level, I was struck at how incredibly relieved I was to be among so many of my peers. I could drop my “cover story” and honestly share what I do with total confidence that it would be understood and appreciated.

It was a huge change from the plane ride from Boston to Denver where the chatty woman next to me asked me why I was going to Denver. This is always a dicey moment for me when I have to decide what to say. I could dodge the questions entirely, or I could say, “I am a psychic, an energy healer and the Dean of Students at an Energy Medicine School.” And then watch as she slowly edges away from me, or asks for a complex explanation of what in tarnation all that actually means. If I explain, I either meet confusion and fear or worse yet I end up having to do a free session for the next four hours of plane time.

I usually just dodge the question.

So imagine my relief at this conference where I could fess up and not have to explain too much. Mostly I got a big hug and a “Welcome home,” or “Why did it take you so long to find us?” response.

Makes me all emotional, just thinking about it.

At any rate, back to my Quantum Lunch. At this conference there sure were a lot of really famous and well-known scientists.   I especially loved theDr. Bruce Lipton lecture that Dr. Bruce Lipton (Also of “What the Bleep…” fame.) gave on quantum theory and cellular biology. Which I have to say, moved me so much that I was in tears for half his lecture, when I wasn’t laughing hysterically for the other half. I have never laughed or cried at biology before, so I had to really admire Dr. Lipton’s oratory style.
Here is my thumbnail version of it that I hope will enlighten you the way it did me. Think of this as Quantum Physics for Dummies by a Dummy. And for all you real science folks, please excuse the vast liberties and wibbly wobbly science facts I am taking here to make my point.

Over fifty years ago quantum physicists proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that consciousness, matter and energy are all the same thing.

Breathe for a moment and really take that in.

Consciousness, matter and energy are all the same thing. Proved. By complex equations and math and stuff. Really actual science and everything. I always thought science was an Unfriendly Thing, and that it’s job was to prove me and my pals out of existence.

But quantum is a psychic-friendly type of science. They proved something that metaphysicians have known all along. We are all connected by a consciousness that is both matter and energy and that matter is just a reflection of that very consciousness.

Matter and EnergyThese dudes have proved over and over again that the old Newtonian way that we look at the cosmos (and more importantly, our little corner of it) is totally wrong. We do not live in a cause and effect, linear universe. Newtonian physics is like looking at the world in two dimensions, as if the earth was flat and Quantum is the new 3D version. Or more accurately, Infinity-D.

Unfortunately, our culture has not caught up to this realization and most of us, especially the medical, drug and health care peeps are still running on the old The Newtonian-World is Flat paradigm. Dr Lipton explained in depth why drugs and the old Newtonian backbones of Reductionism and Scientific Materialism don’t work, all looking through the lens of cellular biology.

If this is something that interests you, I highly recommend his book “The Biology of Belief.” Pretty mind blowing stuff. You’ll never feel the same way about your cells!

Then there is the quantum leap. Remember that old show from the 80’s? Quantum LeapQuantum Leap? Fun.

The actual quantum leap is like scientific proof of magic and mystery, or so I thought. This theory says that electrons from one atom can leap to another atom without traveling through actual intervening space. They just APPEAR from place to another. Where do they go? How do they get there? It seems as if they wink out of existence in one point in space-time and appear instantly somewhere else without any regard to time and space as we know it. Magic? Nope. Something better. Quantum.

And once two electrons get cozy with each other, if you do something to change one, the other one reacts it as well, even if they are totally disconnected from each other by space and time. This is called “entanglement” but I still call it magic. The universe is aware. Consciousness, matter and energy are all the same thing. Electrons can travel through time and space instantly and are connected to each other.

Breathe with me now and know as you are, we are probably sharing those very electrons. Your lunch is already swapping electrons with my lunch in a veritable orgy of quantum leap.

Just think about it. According to quantum, atoms are streaming through the universe and because of The Great Consciousness, some of them just hang around in a Lisa shape for a few seconds before they jump into my enchilada and yours too. We are all swapping electrons like mad, in the great big cosmic soup.

How will medicine change when we start looking at people as a whole system where energy and thought matter too? How will society change when we drop the Darwinian idea of survival of the fittest and move to the truth that we are all intimately connected to the world as a living being and to each other? If we truly take in the truths that quantum is showing us, then we could never harm another being without knowing we are harming ourselves.

Think about it. And make next your next meal a Quantum Lunch too, who knows who’s enchilada you are actually eating? But no worries – all those stray electrons just come out in the Cosmic Laundry. (Which is now the subject of my next blog…)


Just wanted to thank ISSSEEM for just catching the atoms as they stream by and maintaining a coherent field along a unified consciousness. (Otherwise known as existing…) It was humbling and amazing to be a part of a group of scientists who are going to great lengths to study the human energy field, healing and intuition. These folks have some guts. Often shunned by their more mainstream colleagues, they are at the cutting edge of science. Real pioneers.

I feel extremely grateful to them for helping to legitimize my own out to lunch profession. And I especially appreciated the quantum dudes, I love that physics and metaphysics are catching up with each other. The world is becoming congruent.

I reluctantly left Denver (Great town, BTW…) and came back to the real world but with a new found sense of belonging, a lot of great new friends and professional connections and a real sense of peace and hopefulness. I hope and believe now that the quantum paradigm shift will slowly make it’s way into the mass cultural consciousness and that will change everything as we embrace our interconnectedness.

PSS- Dr. Amit Goswami, whom I admire immensely has an organization called “The Center For Quantum Activism.” Here is their mission statement.

“Quantum Activism is the idea of changing ourselves and our societies in accordance with the principles of quantum physics.
The Center for Quantum Activism seeks to educate, support and facilitate the transformation from the current materialist worldview to one based on the primacy of consciousness.”

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