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By Lisa Campion

Being a psychic is such a wonderful, whacky and weird job.  It’s got a lot of job perks actually.  I get to meet great people  and I am certainly never bored.   “So what did you do today at work hunny?” can make very good dinner conversation. And it definitely gives you some street cred with the subset of people that aren’t trying to stone you to death. Total perks, I am one lucky girl.

These days it seems like everyone is getting more and more psychic. It used to be just me and a few other fringe dwellers, but actually these days psychic is smokin’ hot.   Thankfully  talking to angels and dead people has become hip and cool, rather then a one way ticket to Crazytown. Always a plus.

Maybe psychics are just coming out of the broom closet and more people are simply fessing up to abilities that in the past, they kept hidden.

Maybe it’s the energy of the Shift and that giant cosmic download that is inviting our little, squeezed tight shut third eyes to open up.

Partly it’s due to all these very groovy hobbies we have like yoga, Reiki and meditation. It used to be that only serious  spiritual seekers engaged in those activities and now everyone and their uncle meditates. Which don’t get me wrong, is a great thing!  It just also happens to have a side effect of   opening up your intuition.

Being psychic is actually so much easier then you think it is.  I really believe that being psychic and intuitive is our birthright and we wouldn’t have made it this far as human beings if we weren’t. The fact is,  you get about a hundred intuitive hits a day, but are you paying attention to them?

If I ever write a book about psychic development it will be called PAY ATTENTION, since I find so many people ignore their everyday guidance. One of the big problems we face here is the how the media depicts psychics.  On TV,  psychics are special, usually tortured souls who are struggling to get their “gift” into a place where people don’t want to actually kill them and they can get off their meds.

In TV Land,  psychic hits are a Big Deal.  Your angel descends with a fanfare of trumpets, announcing “TA DA!  Hello!  This is your message from GOD!” and then the TV psychic has convulsions, or sees visions that you can’t tell apart from reality. And it’s all dramatic as the angel blares out that Timmy really has fallen down the well.

In the very next episode the TV psychic’s angel tells them that  the psychic has really secretly been a fairy along, and that their boyfriend is really a vampire pirate from outer space. And only if the two of them merge with the werewolves and make a legion of psychic-fairy-vampire-pirate-werewolf babies will they be able to save the world from the Zombie Apocalypse.

God, I love TV. It’s the only thing out there weirder then I am.

And I am sorry that there are no werewolf-vampire-pirate boyfriends in this reality based part of the blog. Really, I am.  But I will try and make it up to you with some pretty interesting pseudo-reality.

I meet so many people that think they aren’t psychic because they are not getting that dramatic psychics on HBO experience. The reality is that your psychic hits are so much more ordinary then you think and part of your every day existence. A real psychic hit is just folded very humbly into your every day life, more like laundry and walking the dog then supernatural boyfriends. These hits are sometimes subtle and sometimes not, but they have been happening to you all along, I guarantee it.  Here is an example of some that might look a little familiar.

  • Have you ever just “known” something was going to happen?
  • Have you ever seen something out of the corner of your eye and then turned to find nothing there?
  • Have you ever summed someone up right away?  (“I don’t like so-so… hated them on sight, can’t tell you why….”)
  • Have you ever had a hunch that turned out to be right? (“Don’t take the highway today… take the back roads…”)
  • Have you ever felt creeped out in someone’s house?  Or felt that a particular place was really magical and special?
  • Have you ever felt the presence of someone you loved who has passed away?
  • Have you ever had a dream that came true?
  • Have you ever “heard” a voice in your head that gives you good advice?  (We don’t always listen!)
  • Have you ever known what someone else was feeling, even when they wouldn’t fess up to it?

These are all examples of some everyday intuitive hits that even though they are humble and perhaps not TV worthy, they can still make a big impact on your life. If you are open to paying attention to them.
One of the biggest keys increasing your intuition is to make sure you are not actually shutting it down, either purposefully or subconsciously..

Surprisingly enough, I see many people actually shutting down their intuition. Happens all the time. Maybe someone told you it was The Devil and really wanted you to stop knowing things. Or perhaps you might have seen something scary when you were little and had to shut it off yourself.

At some point in your psychic development, dealing with your own fear, judgement and resistance is very important.  The biggest shutdown that can happen however, is when your intuition tells you something that you don’t want to hear. You might get something that frightens or threatens you. Or moves out out of your comfort zone. Almost always a really good psychic hit will move you somewhere growthful and maybe uncomfortable.

I remember waking up out of dead sleep one morning with words ringing in my ears. “You are going to get divorced now.”  I wasn’t sure who was talking but it came through clear as a bell, in heart pounding, stomach churning technicolor.

Ugh. My kids were really little, my daughter was still just a baby. And things were rattling around in my marriage, but it wasn’t THAT bad. However my guides know that I don’t really like surprises so they often will give me a heads up with the big stuff.

I fought that one, and it took a few years to materialize, but even on that day, I knew it would be true, and it was. It was horribly difficult and uncomfortable and so far out of the comfort zone that I created a new zip code there. But ultimately, it was what was needed on all sides. And I had plenty of time to get used to the idea, since I saw it coming.

This is what I mean about shutting stuff down. How many times have you gotten a giant psychic hit like that and just shuffled  it off into your internal X-Files?  Our wise old souls know so much more then we do, and our poor little earthbound personalities hate change and growth, but we need it. Our souls are like a parent who gets a kid to eat broccoli and floss.  It’s for our own good and  sometimes change is for the best in the long run.  So one of the biggest things you can do to increase your own intuition is to make sure you aren’t shutting it down!

Psychic ability is a lot like athletic ability. Everyone has some, but we still need to practice and train it if you want to develop it. Most people need a few things to fine tune their psychic.

Here is a short list of helpful, psychic opening activities.

Get informed. Take a class or read a book. Make sure you have a reputable teacher if you are going to do this. There are plenty of really great books available on the topic and use your intuition to help you find one! And yes there is a Psychic For Dummies.  Really.

Spend time every day in prayer, meditation or the spiritual practice of your choice. Being quiet and looking inward on a regular basis is very important.  We can’t hear the quiet voice of our intuition if our heads are full of static.  We need an opportunity to listen. Someone once told me that prayer is talking to God, while meditation is listening.  Take time to listen.

Record what you are getting in a journal.  Like anything else, your psychic will grow the more you pay attention to it. Write down everything, your dreams, card readings, omens and signs, flashes of insight or strong feelings and knowing that you have. Writing everything down will help you connect the dots and see patterns too.

Pay attention to everything that happens around you.  Our guidance comes in all channels. Sometimes it comes through my iPod when I shuffle it. Sometimes it’s the things other people say to you. Clouds, nature, animals, dreams, feelings, memories, sensations are all screaming at us all the time. If you walk into a book store and a book jumps off the shelf in front of you, pay attention!

Use a divination tool like the tarot cards, angel cards, runes, dowsing, the I Ching, etc. These tools are all great at helping you verify the hits that you are already getting. Usually when you go to throw the I Ching, you already KNOW what you need to hear, you just sometimes need confirmation and to hear it from another source.  Just do me a favor, no Ouiji boards please! Take it from me. Ick.

Take Lisa’s AMAZING psychic development classes!  Of course I am going to plug my own class since it is really a pretty great class. But then again you KNEW I was going to do that, right?  SEE???? It’s already working!

And as a SPECIAL BONUS, the first ten people to sign up will receive their very own vampire pirate boyfriend or Fairy Werewolf girlfriend!   Yay!!!!

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