Can you let go and surrender to change?

There is always grief with change. The old self dies and the outer world also changes to meet that. We level up our inner worlds and our outer worlds shift to reflect that new frequency. It is sad to leave the old family home behind even when you are moving into the house of your dreams, for example.
The old us sloughs away and with it go jobs, friends, homes and other beloved, (or at least familiar) circumstances.
How easy is it for you to let go of the old and surrender to the new?
On the inner plane, it’s the ego self that is constantly dying and it grasps, clings and holds onto the old with its dying breath, even when the old things are so outgrown there is no use for them anymore.
And yet, when we do surrender, there is joy, bliss and deep happiness on the other side.
I need to remember that today, in the dying embers of summer. Joy is on the other side of this shift as we move into the crisp new world of autumn. (Joy and pumpkin spice lattes…)