What will it take to fully allow yourself to be your True Self?

We have constructed lives based on ideas (usually other people’s ideas) of what we should do to feel successful.
These are mental constructs based on a set of mostly random factors. Go to this school, drive this car, marry this type of person, live in this zip code, work this kind of job.
As if it’s a formula for guaranteed happiness and success. And we are so surprised when that doesn’t led to real happiness!
We must consider our hearts and our souls and put them into the equation. (Where does your True Self live? In your Heart/Soul of course!) If you want to be truly happy, like a deep down into your bones happy, your Heart/Soul knows the way.

Your Heart/Soul will show you the path to real joy. Those pathways are usually off the beaten track and it takes courage to leave the known formula and to be honest about who you really are and what you really want.

And the rewards on the other side of that transformation are immense. Limitless joy, love, satisfaction and inner peace.
Feel your True Self before you even get out of bed in the morning. Allow this part of you to guide you, to lead you. It knows the way.
Right now there is a huge opportunity in the world, the old things that no longer serve are crashing down. What would happen if you allowed that into your own life? Can you feel your True Self cheering you on as you let go of the things that no longer serve?
If it’s going, let it go with grace and love.
For Grace and Love awaits you on the other side of the transformation.