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Happy Thanksgiving to you all

I am counting my blessings today (and all days really) but it’s so beautiful to have a day that is all about focusing on feeling blessed and grateful. To me life is so much sweeter when I can truly and deeply FEEL my blessings. Often, it’s the little things that arrest my gratitude, the simple pleasures of the day.

I have learned to feel grateful for the challenges, hurdles and heart breaks too, since they are powerful teachers and potential for growth.

But mostly it’s all the opportunities that I have to give and receive love.

Love for the moment that I am in and the pleasures and beauty of each day.

Love for my people- my family, friends, my clients and students.

Love for Earth herself and all her bounty and all that she gives to us.

And love for myself, and this chance to live this life that I have right now- today.

Happy Day to you all, may you find many things to be grateful for you in your life.

Extra love to those of you who struggle with the holidays, it’s not always easy and many of us have to deal with losses of all kinds, which are more painful today than other days, I know it too. My heart is with you today.