Humble 11-15-21 website

It’s funny how life conspires to keep me humble

It’s funny how life conspires to keep me humble and in a good sense of humor about myself. The other day I was driving around with my friend, sitting in the passenger seat of his car and telling him about all these intense mystical, magical, quantum experiences that I have been having lately. I often get into these pretty cool flow states, where doors open, synchronicities abound and magic happens. And honestly, it’s been off the charts crazy, and a little mind blowing.

I was relating one of these quantum experiences to him and feeling extra groovy and cool about it all, when I felt a tickle on my foot and looked down saw a mouse running over my shoe and across my ankle.

I freaked the heck out and threw an epic hissy fit, right in his car. I was screaming and flopping around and had to pull my feet up on the seat, like there was probably a shark swimming around down there with that mouse, at which point, I hyperventilated a little bit.

So much for the groovy, cool spiritual seeker and I was just a girl with a mouse on her foot, throwing a massive nutty.

He took it all rather well and didn’t drive off the road or anything, and we did have a good laugh about it all and how just when you think you are all that and a bag a chips, the universe conspires to keep you humble. Sometimes these things are even much more poignant when we have an amused witness to it all.

Eventually, I calmed down enough to regain what was left of my dignity, and thought to myself, ‘Ok that was interesting, but I have it together now and that will certainly never happen and if it does, I will simply engage my Jedi Knight training and keep my cool. Jeeze, you wouldn’t see Obi Wan screaming at a mouse on his foot….’

And then it happened again. Except this time, it was climbing up my leggings and was heading north past my knee. Which of course led to hissy fit- take two. And maybe up a few decibels from the first time.

So much for the all Jedi training, I was still just a girl with a mouse climbing up her leg.

Anyway, none of the three of us had a heart attack or a stroke or anything so I guess it’s all good. We got home and left the car door open for the mouse and I hope it has moved onto safer territory then my pant leg.

And I am left laughing at myself and thankful for the lesson from the universe about humor and humility.