Healing The Broken Heart with Melany Oliver

Can’t find love? It might be that your broken heart and unresolved relationship patterns are standing in the way of finding real love. Join healer and relationship coach Melany Oliver as she shares her method in releasing our blocks and opening our hearts. Melany says everyone can find love! Tune in to find out how.

On This Episode:

2:00 – Everyone needs a little heart healing

2:30 – Self destructive behavior

4:00 – Healing the emotional wounds

5:00 – Stuck in patterns

6:00 – Fear of emotions

7:00 – Getting stuck in emotions

8:20 – Patterns from childhood

9:00 – Processing grief

10:00 – Soulmates

11:00 – Connecting through wounds

12:30 – Subtle and gentle can be much better than fireworks

14:00 – A life partner

16:00 – A shift in perception

18:00 – Honoring grief

22:00 – Homeopathic healing

Melany uses her gifts and connection to Spirit to read people’s soul blueprint and detect energetic blocks that keep them from opening their hearts & having the life and relationship they truly desire. With over 10 years of experience with healing deep emotional wounds, she now leverages her expertise to help women who are wounded by their childhood traumas & past negative relationships, heal themselves and find true love. As the creator of Healing the Broken Heart and Healing Relationship Patterns she helps women who are heartbroken and unable to attract their life partner release all blocks to healing their heart and attract love.

Healing The Broken Heart with Melany Oliver