How do you feel about Valentines Day?

Lisa Campion


It’s a tough (made-up) holiday for so many people. If you are single, you can end up feeling excluded from the rest of the world who are getting flowers, getting engaged, or having romantic experiences with their adoring partners. At least that is what it looks like on social media.

Maybe you are partnered and this “holiday” is showing the cracks in your relationship or highlighting the fact that relationships are sometimes difficult, rocky or at least an opportunity to keep doing the work.

If you are blissfully partnered, or blissfully alone, that awesome! Keep shining that light and showing us the way. Spread that love around.

No matter where you in the partnered/relationship spectrum- here is a deep truth to remember today and all days.

You are made out of love.

The entire universe is made out of love.

Love is the most powerful force in the Multiverse, even when sometimes it doesn’t look that way. When we read the news and tune into world events, it sure does seem that Not Love is winning and gaining ground.

All that Not Love, that separation that we have from ourselves, from each other and from God is the wound that we are here to heal, and we can do that together. I want to honor any pain, heart break, loneliness, fear and separation you are feeling and send you a huge virtual hug.

Also remind you that love is all around you.

Try this for a minute.

Put you hand on your heart and send love into your own heart.

Call on your angels and other divine beings and feel their love for you raining down on you. Ask for more and if you can’t feel it, put in a request that it’s so much love that you can feel it.

Push your feet into the floor and feel the Earth’s love for you pushing up into your feet to meet you.

Feel everything around you radiating love to you. The chair, the wall, the sky, the plants and animals around you. It’s all made out of love and is loving you.

Send love into your own heart for yourself as best you can.

Now that you are full of this love, pass it along. Spread to others. Tell everyone you know how much you love them. You can open your mouth and say it, or send that love out with your eyes, your smile and just beam it out from your heart. (Carebear style!) Send some love to the fellow beings that you meet today – and all days.

I am sending you so much love too!