How to Acquire Spiritual Gravitas (AKA Spiritual Power and Gravity)

How to Acquire Spiritual Gravitas

Do you know what your real spiritual power is?

Whatever healing or psychic skills you have, it  is only as potent as your own Spiritual Gravitas.  (AKA Spiritual Power and Gravity)

I learned this term from one of my own teachers, and it’s term used to describe and quantify our spiritual authority- a combination of our personal, physical and spiritual power.

When we have great spiritual gravitas, we have charisma, authority and the ability to achieve our goals, do profound healings on others and clear unwanted energies out of our environments like a badass.

Yoda has incredible spiritual gravitas, even though he was a little…er…. dude. (You didn’t think I was going to write a blog without a Stars Wars reference, right? 😉

Yesterday I was teaching a Psychic Self Defense clinic to my Reiki Mastermind Group. (This group is honestly the coolest thing that I am doing right now. It’s off the charts amazing. It is an ongoing continuing education program for Reiki practitioners where we do skill building, practicing and learning new things to continue to reach for our potential as healers. )

In this clinic we learned a ton of skills to amp up our spiritual kung fu.

And yet- those skills and tools are only as effective as your own spiritual power. If you lack spiritual gravitas, all the tools in the world may not really help you. Your spiritual kung fu will be a little limp and wimpy without real gravitas.

Spiritual gravitas comes from within us and it made up of these things:

  • Our level of vitality and life force energy.
  • Our ability to set and hold a boundary and to contain our energy until we need to use it.
  • Our capacity to contain this energy, and then focus and release it when we need it.
  • And some kind of deep, inner acknowledgment of our own power, authority and general badassery.

I learned a lot about this from all my years as a martial artist. My own teachers were people who had immense gravitas, even though they are fun, joyful and gentle people. But power is there when needed. One of them told me- “When you are weak you can only be weak, but when you are strong, you can choose to be gentle.”

So how do we develop our own spiritual gravitas?

The first thing to do is to build up our life force energy and increase our own vitality.

  • Fix your diet get plenty of rest, be in nature a lot and build your physical strength.
  • Get healthy if you are not. Address any health issues you have, best you can.
  • Build your kundalini energy by clearing out the blocks in your chakras- and then by having a lot of fun.
  • Dance, do yoga, and have a lot of really heart opening yummy sex. Enjoy the heck out of your of your physical life – in healthy ways.
  • Do all of that and more to build you kundalini.

The next step- and these are life-long practices by the way- is to make sure you have good boundaries and you are not leaking out your energy all over the place.

  • Get some energy work done to address in tears or leaks in your energy field, these comes from unhealed trauma.
  • Make sure you have good boundaries and really know how to say NO and mean it.
  • Read my book Energy Healing for Empaths for a lot more how to actually do all of that.

Then we need to make sure we are doing some good, regular and meaningful spiritual practice.

This is a must.

We get to a certain point in our personal and spiritual growth and if we don’t have a regular spiritual practice, we will just hit a dead end and stall out in every area of our lives.

Spiritual practice can be many things.  I highly recommend trying a bunch of them on for size until you find one you love and then stick to it. Do a 30 day challenge and then keep going- basically forever.

  • Meditation of any kind
  • Yoga or tai chi if you need a body based practice
  • Prayer or chanting
  • Church or religious services

Spiritual practice strengthens everything and builds the container for more and more power to flow into you.

Try it on for size and see if you can build your gravitas. Your healing work will get to a new level and so will every other aspect of your life.